Have you been ripped off by a car dealership that won’t give you compensation for the worth of your car? Have you had trouble reselling your vehicle to third parties in general?

If the answers to these questions are yes, we have a different solution for you. Whether your car is junk or not, a wrecking yard can provide you with upfront cash for your vehicle.

What is a wrecking yard and what do all of its services entail? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Wrecking Yard?

A wrecking yard is a place of business where cars get salvaged. Salvaging is the process of stripping unused, unwanted, junk, and wrecked vehicles for any reusable parts.

The parts are then used for recycling or refurbishing.

Wrecking Yard Regulations

Auto wrecking yards are responsible for handling hazardous materials that require them to comply with a set of regulations. The regulations they must follow are set by the local and federal governments.

Regulations vary by locality but scrap yards must get held to certain standards. They are in place to reduce harmful emissions and dispose of car parts, equipment, and fluids. They will also have a recycling policy in place.

How Does the Junkyard Process Work?

If you have a junk car, you might be curious to know how the wrecking process works. A junkyard will buy your junk cars for cash, here’s more info.

There are various steps to the auto salvage process that we will discuss below:

Drain Fluids

A wrecking yard will safely remove fluids from a car so that they don’t end up in the environment. Freon, motor oil, and antifreeze are all reusable or recyclable fluids.

If these fluids are found, they will get cleaned and repurposed for use.

Parts Removal

Even if you have a junk car that you are sure is just that, a piece of junk, you might find out that some parts are available for refurbishing and selling.

These components get removed from the car before the vehicle is crushed. The parts are then taken through a process that involves a good clean, recondition, and test.

The parts can then be sold to those who want to save money.

Recycle Parts

To recycle parts, they will need to be removed from the vehicle. Car tires and car batteries are often removed for recycling purposes.

Because a dead car battery contains toxic lead, it gets removed from the batteries and used to make new ones. The plastic from the battery is also repurposed to create new ones.

Car Crushing

This is the last step of the junkyard process once the car has had all fluids and parts removed. A crusher will flatten the vehicle and then it will get shredded to pieces.

Specialized magnets can help separate the steel for recycling.

Do You Need Wrecking Yard Services?

If you have a deadbeat vehicle that you can’t resale, taking it to a wrecking yard could be the best solution. When you opt for junkyard services, you’ll receive money for your junk car and its parts.

Once in the care of a wrecking yard, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle will get recycled and won’t further harm the environment. You can check your local wrecking yard regulations to make sure this is the case.

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