Did you know many people don’t know how to maintain their vehicle? If you want to learn about air filter cleaning, we can help. Keeping your vehicle’s air filter clean will help your engine.

In this guide, we’ll go over cleaning tips and how to improve the air quality in your vehicle. We will answer your question, “Can you clean a car air filter?”

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Avoid Vehicle Issues

Some vehicles that are old will puff out black smoke, which occurs from a dirty air filter. Before your new vehicle begins to puff smoke, you should clean or change the air filter.

Air filters are a simple part of the air intake process in your vehicle. You can keep the air going inside the engine clean and free of contaminants.

The screen will also keep your road grime, pollen, water, bug, and other things.

Avoid petrol-smelling exhaust, strange noises in your engine, and a lack of acceleration.

Make sure you check on your vehicle’s air filters and clean them every so often.

The filters will get clogged from filth. If you leave the air filter alone, you could end up with severe issues. Prevent this from happening.

What Cleaning Supplies Do You Need?

Look at getting protective gear like a face mask, goggles, and gloves. You’ll also need a handheld vacuum.

Pick up an air filter cleaner and a soft-bristle brush. You should look at getting a trash can and a garden hose.

Be careful when choosing oil and air filter cleaner. You shouldn’t pick up any product. Make a decision based on your research.

Pick up the Right Oil

You should spend time searching for the correct oil. Think about brand, price, formula, and ease of application. Make sure you pick the proper oil for your vehicle.

How Do You Prepare?

Before you get your hands dirty, you should inspect your engine. The engine should cool down before you begin cleaning. Then, you can proceed with cleaning your car’s air filter. Put on your protective gear.

Look at locating the air filters. The air filters are rectangular and get put on top of the engine on one side. Is there an outer housing or casing? Ensure you have the right tools for removing these parts.

If the air filter gets encased in an exterior housing, remove it with a screwdriver and wrench. Once you have access to the filter, you’ll take it out of the compartment.

Don’t shake off loose dirt, debris, and dust. Put the filter on a flat and plastic-covered surface. The cover will make it a lot easier to clean.

When Should You Clean the Air Filter?

Spring is a great time to clean out the air filters in your vehicle. You can replace all the air filters during this season.

You should try to complete these kinds of tasks in the spring months. The air filters in your vehicle will work overtime to keep your vehicle running well.

Don’t try to continue driving with dirty air filters. Pollen will begin to fall and leave your vehicle with issues. Avoid super expensive mechanic bills by adding this task to your maintenance list.

Get Rid of Filth

Get rid of dirt, debris, and loose dust. Hold it over a trash can and shake it into the trash bag.

Use a vacuum to eliminate filth left in the crannies and nooks. It’s a way to get rid of unwanted contaminants on filters. Run it through the air filter. You will want a cordless and handheld vacuum that’s small.

Use the Air Filter Cleanser

You should apply the air filter cleaner that you picked up. Follow the instructions on your product’s packaging.

Make a DIY cleaning solution. Substitute the detergent with dish soap. In a bucket, mix the detergent and water.

After making the solution, transfer it into a bottle and cap it. Shake it and make sure things get mixed up.

Spray the cleaner on the air filter at a hand length distance. Let the cleaner sit on the air filter for a couple of minutes.

Scrub your air filter with a bristle brush in your side-to-side motions. Use some force and avoid pressing too hard, damaging the filters. You’ll need to shell out money for extra repairs and replacements.

Rinse It Off

Next, you should rinse the air filter. Use a faucet or garden hose and clean it with care.

Make sure the water pressure isn’t too high. The air filters will get damaged. Continue after you get the cleaning solution all gone.

Dump Out Water

You should shake the air filter to dump off the extra water. Hold in one hand upside down and let it drip dry. This will take time, but it will help ensure your air filter is clean and dries well.

You Could Hire Help

If you don’t have time to finish this job, you can bring your vehicle to the mechanic. The mechanic will complete the job for you, so you don’t need to worry about harming your vehicle.

You might find discount filters, so it’s an easier job for your mechanic.

Can You Clean a Car Air Filter?

We hope we answered your question, “can you clean a car air filter?” We hope this guide on cleaning a car filter was helpful. Make sure you keep washing your car’s air filter.

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