Thinking about making some car modifications? Not sure what the best way to improve your car is?

Drivers between 16-24 years old spend 7.9 billion each year on car modifications. As you may expect, this means that there are plenty of options for how you can upgrade your vehicle while improving its appearance and performance.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you make a decision. Here are 5 fantastic car modifications that you can make to upgrade your ride.

1. Tire and Rims Modifications

If you want to modify your vehicle, you should consider upgrading your rims and tires.

The rims and tires that come with a vehicle often aren’t very high quality. Adding aftermarket rims can help improve the appearance of your vehicle significantly. 

High-quality tires are also essential and can help improve grip. This will lead to faster speed and acceleration and can make a big impact on car performance.

2. Window Tinting

Adding window tinting such as Llumar ceramic tint to your vehicle is another great way to improve the appearance of your vehicle and add more privacy to your car.

It’s important to note that window tinting can also help to protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays while driving. It can also help protect your upholstery from sun damage and fading.

3. Aftermarket Exhaust

Installing an aftermarket exhaust is also a good way to modify your vehicle.

An exhaust upgrade can strengthen the sound of your engine. Many people love the sound of a modified exhaust.

On top of this, however, an exhaust can also give your car’s horsepower and torque a significant boost as well. It can also reduce engine backpressure and will allow for more airflow. 

4. Suspensions Modifications

Changing the suspension on your vehicle is also a worthy car modification to consider making. There are several ways that you can modify the suspension of your vehicle, and doing so can allow for better handling.

Adding coilover suspension, for example, can help to improve suspension and boost the quality of your ride. Handling will improve and can make your car have a much better feel to it when on the road and going around curves.

5. Aftermarket Headlights

You may also want to get aftermarket headlights for your vehicle. Adding headlights is a simple change to make but can be well worth it if you want to modify your car.

A change in headlights could help to improve visibility since you can choose a brighter option than your vehicle’s stock issue headlights. New headlights can also change the appearance of your vehicle and can be better suited for your personal taste.

Choosing the Best Car Modifications For Your Vehicle

There are many more car modifications and auto upgrades to make besides the ones listed above. However, adding aftermarket headlights, installing window tinting, or improving your exhaust can all be great options that will go a long way in improving your vehicle.

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