Did you know that three of Jeep’s vehicles—the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler—rank in the top 10 most popular vehicles in the US?

The reason behind this popularity is clear. Jeep owners cite a well-made product that’s practical, classic, and good quality, making it a great value for the money. Of the non-Jeep owners, over 16% of adults say that when it comes time for them to buy a new vehicle, they’re considering Jeep.

If you’ve landed here today, you’re part of that sixteen percent that wants to buy a Jeep—and you’re probably wondering what the best Jeep models are in 2022. Buckle up and keep reading!

The Grand Cherokee

It comes as no surprise that the Jeep Grand Cherokee makes this list. In 2021, it was the most-sold vehicle in Jeep’s lineup.

The biggest difference between the 2021 and 2022 models is the extra seating. The 2022 model has a third row, allowing you to fit up to seven passengers comfortably in its roomy design. 

Additionally, the new model is smarter than ever. With Hands-Free Active Driving Assist, a passenger screen, digital rearview mirror, and an available 4xe plug-in hybrid electric motor (plus so much more), this SUV is tech-savvy as can be!

The Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

If you’re interested in taking your Jeep off-road, there’s no better SUV to do it than the 4×4 Jeep Wrangler.

Just like the Cherokee, it boasts top-tier technology like an eight-speaker stereo, in-dash navigation, touchscreen infotainment, and onboard WiFi. It comes souped up with a 1.5-inch suspension lift, upgraded brakes, and all-terrain wheels that’ll take you anywhere.

The only thing left to do is add some Jeep accessories (you’ll need those carpet protectors for all the mud you’ll be driving through).

The Grand Wagoneer

The Grand Wagoneer might cost you a pretty penny, but it’s worth every cent when you see it—and its perks.

From active safety features, a stunning exterior, outstanding utility (get ready to tow to your heart’s content), insane roominess, and intuitive technology, Jeep has truly thought of everything.

It’s no wonder this SUV has won a slew of awards, spanning everything from family luxury to world-class value. 

The Compass

For a little bit more of a compacted SUV, you might want to consider the Compass instead. It’s also a good option for those who don’t need to tow, as the Cherokee proves to have much more towing power.

This model works on the highway or off-road; it’s easily outfitted to make smooth off-roading a part of its benefits. Size-wise, it’s right between the Renegade and the Cherokee, so it’s large enough to feel spacious but not as daunting as the Wagoneer. 

Its Trailhawk trim means that this vehicle is one of Jeep’s most attractive models—and for an affordable price, too.

You Can’t Buy Happiness, but You Can Buy One of the Best Jeep Models

Jeep is a top contender and it’s easy to see why.

They’re constantly evolving, making their vehicles both bigger and better. Each year, you can expect something great to come from them, whether in the form of technology, comfortability, durability, or all three.

These are some of the best Jeep models of 2022—and it doesn’t even touch the surface of their impressive lineup.

Once you’re holding the keys to your new vehicle, be sure to come back to our page often for everything auto-related, from shopping advice and specs to tips, repairs, and more.