The average cost of a new car in America has increased over time and now stands at $47,000. This price makes your vehicle one of your most prized belongings, so you might hesitate to trust an unfamiliar car shipping company to move it to a new place.

You will need to move your car when relocating to a faraway state or buying it online. In such cases, you might wonder whether to drive the car yourself or hire an auto shipping company to deliver it to your desired destination.

Here, we give you eight reasons why you should let a professional auto shipper take the weight of moving your car off your shoulder.

1. More Safety When Shipping

Working with professional car shipping companies will guarantee you more safety for your vehicle during transit. They will have better equipment to load your vehicle into a trailer and secure it. These include tie-downs, straps, and everything necessary to keep your vehicle in place for the entire journey.

A professional auto shipping service provider will also take the necessary precautions to avoid anything that may damage its reputation. For instance, the company will only hire reliable drivers. This will only assure you of more safety for your vehicle.

Professional shippers will also keep your antiques and classic cars safe. They’ll have enclosed trailers to ship the vehicles and prevent road grime and other elements from damaging them.

2. Less Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle

Hiring a car shipping company means you won’t put unnecessary mileage on your vehicle by driving it over long distances. In addition, your car will be less at risk of damage or mechanical issues that decrease its lifespan.

An auto transporter will have a trailer built to handle the rigors of lengthy trips. This means nothing will tear away your tires. The safety procedures that the shipping company embraces will also minimize the risks of accidents or road hazards that can damage your car.

3. Ease of Transporting More Than One Vehicle

If you need to transport more than one vehicle at a time, a car shipping company will handle that for you. You’ll need such services if you sell vehicles or buy multiple cars from an auction. Your family might also have multiple vehicles that may need to be transported when relocating.

An auto transport company will have the tools and equipment necessary to transport multiple vehicles at once. The best thing is that you’ll save money when transporting multiple vehicles. If you’re lucky, the freight company may give you a discount.

4. Saving Money

You might convince yourself that it’s cheaper to drive your car to your new home instead of letting a shipping company do it. You might not consider that you will need to fuel your car.

You will spend on hotels and meals, especially if your journey takes more than a day. Your car might break down in the worst-case scenario, meaning you’ll have to deal with expensive repairs. All these costs may add up and drain your pocket.

You’ll only pay a flat fee when you hire the top car shipping company. The best auto shipping firm will give you a free quote if you want to know your auto shipping costs. For more on car shipping quotes, you can check out AmeriFreight’s page and see how much it might cost you to move your car between different states.

The upfront fee for auto shipping services will be less than the cost of driving the vehicle yourself. In some cases, you’ll only pay for part of the trip if the car trailer is shipping cars for different people.

5. Less Stress

You will avoid the stress and fatigue of long-distance driving when you work with a shipping company. Cross-country driving may stress you, especially when driving alone.

You might be worried about driving in some dangerous areas. The unexpected might happen, and your car might break down when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

When you hire a shipper, you will just set it and go. You can board a plane comfortably, knowing that someone will take care of your car every step of the way.

6. Avoiding Bad Weather

Shipping companies have the experience and skills to transport vehicles when winter is at its peak.  Professionals may know the best route to ensure that the weather doesn’t get in the way of car transportation.

If you were to drive in such weather, you might not have the information necessary to make safe decisions. Unlike you, shipping companies will deliver your vehicle to your destination in one piece, no matter the weather.

7. Professional Services

A reputable auto shipping company will have a professional team that will handle your vehicle in the best way. The company will provide you with details about its insurance and licensing information. They will give you a quote, so you can determine whether to accept or reject their services.

When it’s time to ship your car, the company will do its best to prepare it and load it onto a trailer. You will enjoy more services in that the professionals will unload the car for you.

With a shipping company, you’ll get professional services that you can’t get when relying on a family member or a friend to help you with car transportation. You will have a pro who will take care of all your shipping needs.

8. Insurance Benefits

The best auto shipping firm will have insurance coverage to protect you from the cost of damage to your vehicle during transport. Although such damages are rare, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that no hiccups will make you pay more than the agreed shipping price.

Since the shipper will cover your vehicle, you won’t have to spend money on getting your own policy. A shipper will also reduce the number of miles that might make you pay higher insurance premiums.

Leverage the Benefits of a Car Shipping Company

If you care about your car, protect it by trusting a car shipping company to transport it for you the next time you need to move it over long distances. The company will keep your car safe and prevent you from adding unnecessary miles to it. You’ll also benefit as you won’t undergo the stress of long-distance driving.

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