Did you know that the global roadside assistance industry will grow by billions of dollars before the year 2025? Although the designs of cars have been improving, people still report major issues often when driving.

Have you ever wondered what you should do in the case of a roadside emergency? You should not feel scared or overwhelmed if you have a plan of action. Here are some steps to take that will help you get out of any situation as safely as possible.

Pull Over Immediately

If you can, try to pull over to the side of the road. Ideally, you want to go to the left-hand side, as that is closest to the sidewalk or highway banks. This will keep you out of oncoming traffic.

Sometimes it may not be possible to pull all the way to the left. In that case, try to get your car as close to the edge of the road as possible without facing vehicles in the opposite direction.

Put on Your Hazards

You need to make sure that your car is visible so other drivers know you have an issue. Put on your hazard lights if you can so that they can drive safely around you.

Hazard lights are a great way to attract help if you do not have a cell phone. Someone may be able to pull over and assist you with towing or repairing your car.

Have Supplies Packed

You should always have a go-bag in your trunk or backseat in case of an emergency. You never know how long you will wait on the side of the road or the weather conditions.

Some essentials to include in your go-bag are cell phone chargers and external batteries, food and water, a change of clothes, and supplies in case you need to spend the night in your car.

Stay Inside Your Car

If possible, you should stay inside your car until help arrives. This will help shield you from toxic fumes coming from other vehicles, especially on large highways.

However, if you are in an accident and your car is on fire or smoking, it is best to get out as quickly as possible. Use your best judgment if there is exterior damage.

Contact Assistance

Contact your insurance company if you have roadside assistance with your policy. If not, it may be in your best interest to find a good tow truck company to get you off the road.

You can do an internet search for “towing near me” to get contact information. Make sure to give them your exact location and get a price quote.

Handle Any Roadside Emergency

If you find yourself in a roadside emergency, you should not have to worry about suffering even more. With these tips, you can get back on the road or to a safe location as soon as possible.

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