You never expect it to happen until it’s too late, but having your vehicle break down while you’re on the road can happen to anyone. In some cases, you might not be able to start your car yourself, and you could find yourself stranded. 

This isn’t just a nuisance, as it can be dangerous too. Thousands of people are injured each year due to crashes involving disabled or stopped vehicles. 

Here are some key reasons that you might need to pick up your phone and call a tow truck service. 

1. Vehicle Accidents

Last year, in the first nine months alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration projected that 31,720 people died in vehicle accidents. 

Even if you’re being careful on the road, there’s always a chance you could find yourself in a crash or accident. Car accidents are one of the most common reasons that people call for a tow truck service. 

Your vehicle might not be safe to operate, or you might not even be able to get it to start. Whatever the case, you’ll need to call for vehicle towing as well as the police and your insurance company. 

2. Flat Tires

Although many drivers keep a spare tire in their vehicle, you may find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and no way to replace it. 

Tow truck drivers can come out to your vehicle, tow you to a safe location to have it changed, and even replace the tire for you to get your vehicle running again. Vehicle transport is an invaluable service that tow truck drivers offer since changing a tire can be a hazard on the road, especially on a highway. 

3. A Dead Battery

If you’re stuck somewhere, and you can’t get your vehicle to start, it could be a dead battery. This is a common reason for a car breakdown, but it can leave you stranded. 

Tow truck drivers keep jumper cables on hand, and they’re experienced in handling all types of mechanical issues, so they can always come and give your car a jump. A tow truck service can also make sure you arrive at a mechanic or parts store if necessary. 

4. You Ran Out of Gas

It can happen to the best of us, but running out of gas is an embarrassing mistake that can leave you stuck on the side of the road with no way to get to your destination. 

You can call a tow truck service to come and bring you fuel, so you can get on the road again. 

5. You Accidentally Hit Something

Whether it’s a deer running out into the middle of the road or an object on the street you didn’t notice until it was too late, there are times you may hit something and damage your vehicle. Maybe you can’t safely drive your car, or it’s not running properly afterward. 

In these cases, you should pick up the phone and call a towing service

Call a Tow Truck Service for Help

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, call a tow truck service for help. It’s always a better option than remaining on the side of the road and putting yourself and other drivers in danger. 

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