Did you know the average U.S. electricity consumer experiences 8 hours of power interruptions every year?

This figure shows the importance of commercial generators to businesses. Without them, establishments could lose a day’s worth of income. If you own these machines, consider maintaining them.

One aspect of commercial generator maintenance is engine oil. It should be your starting point to ensure its performance. Read on as we discuss some tips.

Regular Engine Oil Change

One part of maintaining your generator oil is changing it regularly. The correct frequency depends on various factors. These include the following:

  • Generator brand
  • Frequency of use
  • Operational environment

On average, consider changing the oil every 50 to 200 hours of operation. Newer models likely need fewer changes since they burn cleaner. Dusty environments could mix with the oil, prompting more frequent changes.

Brand-new generators need an oil change after 8 hours. Doing so ensures the machine has no contaminants from manufacturing or shipping.

Avoid Using Old Gas

Consider emptying the fuel from generator tanks after every use. It ensures your commercial generator runs on clean, efficient oil. Also, it protects the generator from erosion.

Buy an easy-to-fill generator to avoid relying on old fuel. For example, propane-powered ones can use home delivery services. You’ll have no issues getting power during emergencies.

Clean the Generator Regularly

Generators make electricity using the rotor and stator. As the components work, they often collect contaminants like dust and debris. 

Building up too much grime causes your generator to lose efficiency. Worse, the components burn out faster, reducing their average lifespan.

Avoid this by cleaning the air filters in your generator. Check them weekly to ensure they’re dust-free. Increase the inspection frequency if your business premises are prone to dust buildup.

Start the Generator Sometimes

Generators are vital precautions against power outages. Months or years could pass without firing it up. When emergencies happen, you’ll have no idea whether it works.

The best way to ensure the engine works is by starting it every month. Ensure it has proper oil lubrication with functional batteries and carburetors.

Call a Professional for Maintenance

In most cases, work staff can do generator maintenance. As long as they follow a checklist, they’ll have no difficulties. 

However, generators should also have exhaustive yearly maintenance from professional technicians. The good news is, over 250,000 experts work in the United States. You’ll have no shortage of reputable people to entrust your commercial generator to.

These technicians will look into various components with specialized tools. You can rest easy, knowing your generator is functional after they inspect it.

They can even answer questions, such as “what is engine blow by?” With an expert by your side, you can expect a longer-lasting generator.

Maintain Your Generator Engine Oil Now

These are some tips to maintain your generator engine oil. Never let your business close down during power outages. Use the knowledge to ensure your generator works whenever necessary.

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