One of the easiest ways to trick out your truck is to add lighting. LED strips can add different lighting effects to your truck that is unique to you. Truck lighting can make you stand out among the other truck owners on the road!

From LED headlights to interior lights, there are so many truck lighting upgrades you can do yourself. These are some of the easiest automotive upgrades you can do. They are also some of the least expensive.

What kinds of upgrades can you do with truck lighting? What kinds of customization can truck lighting bring to your vehicle? Read on to learn about five ideas for tricking out your truck!

1. Underbody Lights

You can add any color you want to the underbody of your truck to give it a unique look. You can run wild with the type and color of lights you add. You can choose a different color for each wheel well if you’d like!

Underbody lights can also light up the road underneath you as you drive. It’s like a pool of light that moves with you as you drive. The more light you have at night, the safer your drive will be.

2. LED Headlights

When you want brighter headlights, adding LED headlights is the best option. LED headlights have a more intense beam and work better in foggy weather. They also last longer than halogen lights.

This saves you the hassle of replacing them every couple of years. They are also more efficient and produce less heat than halogen bulbs. LED headlights are a better choice than halogen lights across the board.

3. Light Strips in the Truck Bed

You can add light strips anywhere on your vehicle, but adding them to your truck bed can give it some pizzazz. You can use them to highlight the top of your wheel wells or under the rear windshield. You can run them all along the edges of your truck bed to add some extra light to their bed.

4. LED Light Bar on the Tailgate

Adding light bars to your tailgate helps with visibility, especially at night. They connect to your electrical system to work with your brake lights. The extra lights can help signal the people behind you that you are slowing down.

Adding a light bar not only shows your creativity, but it’s a safety feature. When you increase the visibility of your brakes, it makes the roads safer. The right light bars also complement your truck’s aesthetics.

5. Light Up Your Interior

Upgrading your interior lights is a great option, especially when your interior is completely customized as well. You can add a colorful dome light or light up your footwells! Check out SRQ Fabrications to make sure the interior of your truck is as unique as you are!

Take Your Truck Lighting to the Next Level

Your truck lighting says a lot about you. What colors you pick and where you put them allow you to express yourself. They make your truck unique, whether the lights are in the truck bed or the undercarriage!

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