Have you dreamt of getting out on the open road again for a family road trip? A recent study showed 87.6% of Americans asked are planning to take a road trip this year. Yet, one issue with packing up the family for vacation is finding enough extra storage space.

Depending on the type of adventure you plan, storage space in your vehicle might not allow for every essential item. 

You need the best storage space solutions available no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. So keep reading to learn about three storage space tips for all your necessary items.

1. Declutter The Interior

There are several areas inside your vehicle where clutter builds before we know. Seats and floors are receptacles for debris, including maps and essential papers. Make better use of the hideaway space inside your vehicle. 

First, organize your glove compartment to fit essential items like the owner’s manual and insurance papers. Then with the extra room, store small items like CD cases there.

If you have a center console that collects clutter, consider using a plastic tray to arrange the material. 

Small trays with compartments are excellent for storing personal items like hand creams and small tools. The sun visors are good spots for hiding away excessive paper materials. You can buy visor holders or use an elastic band to hold the papers in place.

2. Maintenance Helps With Storage

It’s incredible how much extra storage space you can gain by keeping your vehicle in top shape. With proper maintenance, you will have less need to carry car accessories that take up space.

A car that is regularly tuned won’t require fluids on a trip. Get the oil change, check fluid levels, and stop carrying bulky bottles that demand extra storage space.

Most vehicle trunks have ample space to store emergency materials without getting in the way. Spare tires often get stored under padded floorboards. You might find extra space inside to keep items next to the tire.

3. Exterior Extra Storage Space

On a family vacation, you often carry items you won’t need until you arrive at a destination. A rooftop cargo box of various sizes will answer the call. 

You may need to buy racks for your rooftop cargo to attach. Yet, the extra storage space you gain will make your driving experience more comfortable. 

A hardshell rooftop cargo carrier will sit safely on your car and leave the interior space for passengers. The latest technology in hardshell rooftop cargo carriers provides lots of choices for your extra storage space needs. Aerodynamic designs help you maintain good gas mileage while protecting your valuables.

Maximize Your Storage Space

When you want to travel in comfort, nothing helps more than keeping your vehicle interior clean. Yet, nothing beats a rooftop cargo box when you want extra storage space for the fun things in life.

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