When you own a car, there is a unique combination of pride and stress that goes along with owning one. On one hand, you love the fact that it gets you from point A to point B, is a status symbol, and looks great in your driveway. 

But after a while, maintaining it becomes beyond the reach of a hose and soap.

Not sure if your car deserves a car wash or a car detailing? Let’s break down the difference between car wash vs detailing to help you decide when it is time to get your car looking its best.

What Is the Difference Between A Car Wash vs Detailing

There are a few key differences between car washes and car detailing. Car washes tend to be quicker and less expensive- focusing on exterior cleaning, while car detailing is a more thorough process.

Car washes typically just clean the outside of the car, while car detailing also cleans the inside and outside of the car. Car washes generally use automated equipment, while car detailing is done by hand.

When it comes to car paint protection, car washes use waxes that wear off quickly, while car detailing uses sealants that last longer.

Car washes use automated brushes and cleaning solutions for exterior cleaning mostly. While car detailing often requires manual cleaning with specialized tools and products. Car washes are typically quicker and less expensive than car detailing, but interior detailing provides a more thorough clean.

The Benefits of Car Washing vs Detailing

If you are looking for a quick and relatively inexpensive way to clean your car, then a car wash is probably your best bet. But, if you are looking for a thorough clean that will leave your car looking like new, then you should opt for professional auto detailing.

Auto Detailing is more expensive than a car wash, but it is worth it if you want your car to look its best. interior detailing is to clean every nook and cranny of your car, and detailers will use higher quality products than what you would find at a car wash.

If you are unsure which option to choose, you can always ask a professional for their opinion. They will be able to assess your car and give you their recommendation based on what they see. And if possible, opt to get a car detailing membership to maximize your methods in taking care of your car.

How to Know The Cleaning You Need for Your Car

If your car is starting to show wear and tear, you may enjoy a detailing. Detailing can be more expensive, but it will also add value to your car. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, ask a professional.

There are a few key differences between a car wash vs detailing. Depending on your car’s condition and how often you drive, choose the cleaning you know would give you the results you need.

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