Are you shopping for a specific type of car with a certain set of features that you can’t quite match with what dealers have on hand? If you don’t mind an extra wait, there is a solution to get you what you want. The time is right to buy a factory order car that matches your needs.

While not common in America, Europeans order custom vehicles quite often. You may have to wait a couple of months to get your car, but when you do, it’ll be the car you want. You won’t have to settle for what they have in stock.

Ready to order your new car? What are the important steps to take while negotiating for your car? Read on to learn how to factory order the car of your dreams.

Ordering Custom Vehicles

Learning how to order a car from the factory is no different than learning how to order a car right off the lot. You talk to the dealer, negotiate the price, and pay for the car. In today’s market, since you may have to wait for a standard vehicle, waiting for your custom car isn’t a hardship.

There are manufacturers and dealers out there that would prefer customers custom order their cars. City Auto Park is a great example of this. For the dealers, this means they need to keep less stock and for you, it means you have better control over what vehicle you buy.

Enter Negotiations

Ordering a car from the factory is like ordering a standard car. You get your loan and choose your dealership, then you design your car. Once that’s done, it’s time to talk about the cost of custom-ordered cars.

Custom vehicles may cost you more, but like buying a standard vehicle, you can negotiate the price. Often, you can haggle down the dealer’s mark up even on direct factory orders. Most reputable dealerships are ready and willing to work with you to bring the cost down.

Next Steps

Once you’ve got that settled, then you need to figure out how much you need to put into the down payment. The rule of thumb states that it should be twenty percent of the value of your loan. Separate from that is the reservation fee, which is usually a thousand dollars or less.

After locking in the price with the reservation fee, you need to wait for your car. When it arrives you’ll get a call and you can then settle up with the dealership, including the trade-in for your current vehicle. The trade-in value may not knock a lot off the price, but every little bit helps with a bigger purchase such as a car.

Buy A Factory Order Car

Buying a factory order car will get you the make, model, and options you most want in a vehicle. Waiting a little longer to get your new vehicle is a small price to pay to get your dream car. Custom vehicles are the future of car buying.

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