Are you someone who loves to fill their days with fun, excitement, and adventure?

Then the 4×4 off-roading must be at the top of your to-do list!

Since the four-wheel-drive technology further developed in the 1980s, off-roading exploded into life. Back in 2020, the off-road vehicle market was over 15 million USD. And with so many reasons to explore off-road trails, it’s no surprise experts believe it will grow by around 7% by 2027.

There are plenty of off-road trails around the country. But to get the most out of your adventure, you need to know the location of the very best.

But today is your lucky day because we made a list and wrote them down below for you to discover!

The Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado

The Alpine Loop Trail is near Lake City, Colorado. It’s just over a five-hour drive south of the capital, Denver. 

The route is around 65 miles long, and you can expect to complete it in 6-8 hours. It’s an advanced off-roading area with plenty of steep drops and narrow paths on a loose surface. So you should have some off-roading experience before you explore this breathtaking trail.

If you’re lucky enough to have experience, you’ll witness some of the best scenery in the US. Espespecially during the fall, as the surrounding trees look like a painter’s pallet.

Ocala National Forest, Florida

One of Florida’s most picturesque national forests is only 60 miles north of Orlando. The drive takes only 1.5 hours. The forest is 1,742 km², so you don’t need to worry about running out of space!

This off-roading area is less about adventure and more about the scenery. So it’s a perfect spot for anyone who looks to gain some off-road experience. But even an experienced off-roader will enjoy a trip through this beautiful trail.

White Rim Trail, Utah

The White Rim Trail is at the Canyonlands National Park in Southeast Utah. Near the border with Colorado. You can reach the trail in four hours from Salt Lake City.

The entire trail is over 100 miles long, so it should take about three days to complete. A perfect idea for a long weekend, and there are a couple of campsites dotted around the trail.

The harsh climate and the jagged landscape make it an intermediate off-road trail. But every yard is worth the time and effort. The famous red sandstone makes it feel like an adventure on another planet!

The Rubicon Trail, California

You can’t complete a list of the best off-road tracks without the “crown jewel of all off-highway trails.”

The trail is situated near South Lake Tahoe in Northeast California. It’s only a 2-hour drive from downtown Sacramento. 

Today the route is moderately challenging. But it wasn’t long ago when it was known as the most dangerous off-roading track in the country. That is mainly due to the rocky and unstable surface, especially on the narrow slopes.

But anyone brave enough to venture forth will be rewarded with the most thrill-seeking experience. Just make sure you have the best wheels for your 4×4 before you set off!

Experience the Best Off-Road Trails

There are thousands of off-road trails in the US. And each one brings its characteristics. But if you want to experience the best of this great nation, you need to drive on our list!

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