Did you know that estimates show that over 96 million tourists traveled to Italy in 2019? This was the year right before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Italy is a beautiful country to discover with so much history, but driving around this ancient country can be tricky. So, if you’re planning on using a car as your primary form of transportation, a few tricks may help you out.

Keep reading to learn about the five essential safety tips for driving in Italy.

1. Vehicle Registration

A vital factor to consider before you can even begin driving on the road is having the proper documentation. If you are more than just a visitor and plan on relocating to Italy and purchasing a vehicle, make sure that you have a valid license and the proper registration for your car.

Vehicle registration and proper documentation must be a first. There is no point in driving around Italy only to get ticketed.

2. Learn to Drive Manual

As is the case with most European countries, most cars on the road feature a manual transmission. Estimates reveal that about 80% of vehicles sold in Europe have a manual transmission.

If you are coming from a North American country such as Canada or the United States, where most vehicles have an automatic transmission, then learning to drive a car with a manual transmission may seem frightening.

However, learning to drive a manual transmission would be smart, especially if you make frequent trips to this Mediterranean country. Finding vehicles to rent may be much simpler, and you might even be able to get a better deal as automatic cars cost significantly more to rent.

3. Practice Your Italian

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the street signs and road markings in Italy would be in Italian. So, learning a bit of Italian may be highly beneficial.

Not only this but knowing Italian would also come in handy when asking for directions. Many native Italians in the northern part of Italy and within cities would likely speak English. However, if you plan on traveling in the countryside, having enough Italian under your belt to converse with natives would be highly beneficial.

4. Use a GPS

Italian roads can be super complicated and frequently confuse drivers; this is true for even the most experienced Italian drivers. Therefore, some would say that using a GPS is not just a good tip but a must!

GPSs are generally available when you rent a vehicle; however, this can be expensive; sometimes, it can cost up to 17 euros a day. Therefore, bringing your GPS is recommended. You can also use your phone’s built-in GPS; just remember to have enough data.

5. Learn the Laws

Italy is a different country from the United States, with a different kind of driving environment, so it is only natural to have different road laws. For example, one consideration is that turning right on red is always illegal in Italy. Learning the laws can greatly help in preventing accidents.

Take time to go online and look up the laws in the specific province of Itlay you are planning on visiting. This can certainly save you money and, more importantly, stress. 

Driving in Italy

Driving in Italy can be a fun and rewarding experience. Hopefully, these tips will make you a better, safer, and more confident driver.

By acquiring the proper documentation, and learning the laws you can greatly increase car safety. Using a GPS and learning a bit of Italian can help you find your way across the beautiful Italian landscape. Finally, learning to drive a manual like an Italian may save you some money on your next trip.

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