During the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of boat sales boomed to unprecedented levels. And those numbers aren’t expected to subside anytime soon. If you’re the owner of a new boat, then you’re going to want to practice proper boat maintenance right away.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help with just that.

So keep on reading and we’ll take you through our top maintenance tips for those who are new to boat ownership.

Wipe Off Moisture

The only part of the boat that should be wet is the part that’s actually touching the water. Otherwise, you want to wipe down your boat often. Keep some towels nearby so that you keep the boat dry.

If you let water linger on your boat, it can cause problems. For example, saltwater can corrode important parts of the boat. Morning dew can lead to mildew.

Scupper water can stain your hull thanks to tiny minerals. Keeping your boat dry is crucial to keeping it in good condition.

Know Your Oil Schedule

Make sure that you know all of the specific oil requirements for your vessel before you get it in your possession. This will depend on the type and model of the engine. 

It’s a good idea to take your boat to a certified dealer and have them change your oil. You can change it yourself but it takes a lot of time and practice to get it right. If you don’t know what you’re doing then don’t try to change the oil.

Always Check the Engine Before an Outing

Without a properly working engine, you could end up stuck in the middle of the water. Each time you use your boat, go through a checklist to make sure that your engine is ready to go. Check the hoses for any leakage, make sure you have plenty of fuel, and check on the water coolant level too. 

You should have enough oil in your reservoir and keep an eye on the oil pressure as you drive. 

Maintain and Protect Your Battery in the Off-Season

If you live in an area that gets cold in the winter then you’ll need to practice proper boat winterization. If your boat uses batteries, don’t let them sit around all year. Take them out and clean them.

You want to lubricate bolts and terminals, charge the batteries, and store them somewhere safe. 

These batteries will last you a long time and provide plenty of energy.

Start Using These Boat Maintenance Tips Today

You should start using these boat maintenance tips the moment you have your new boat in your possession. This will help you start good habits and practices and keep your boat running properly for a very long time.

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