Did you know more than one in ten Aussies got into a car accident last year? Avoid car accidents by understanding how to drive defensively, especially if you choose a hybrid. If you want to drive a hybrid vehicle, keep reading.

This guide will teach you how to drive a hybrid car, which will help save you money on gas.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

You Will Drive More Efficiently

Hybrid vehicles have gotten designed to be more efficient. They don’t consume as much gas and instead use more electric power.

Avoid exhausting all your vehicle’s resources. You shouldn’t go speed racing. Use the gasoline engine to get your vehicle up to speed.

Then, you’ll want to let the electric motor keep you in cruise mode so you can save money on gas.

You Should Try to Drive Slower

You could set your vehicle on cruise control with your electric motor powering it. This way, you’ll have fuel efficiency.

If you need to drive on the interstate, you should look at driving at around 60 mph. This is one way to reduce your gas consumption and keep a good speed on your interstate.

Try Using the Cruise Control

In a hybrid car, try using cruise control. It’s a feature that will save your car’s energy because it relaxes the accelerations.

You’ll end up with slower and smoother acceleration. You will also use less fuel and energy compared to hard acceleration.

When activated, the Eco cruise will show up in your information panel. You might lose some speed when going uphill. Using standard cruise control is an excellent way to improve fuel economy.

Try Coasting

You should also get into the habit of coasting when possible. Regenerative coasting refers to when your foot isn’t on the gas pedal.

Your vehicle will turn rotational energy into electricity and will increase battery power. The electric driver motor can turn into a generator, so you’ll have free energy while driving.

Enjoy City Driving

Due to coasting and regenerative coasting, your hybrid vehicle will remain way more efficient when driving in the city.

You’ll have opportunities to regenerate your electricity. A slower driving speed won’t use as much gas or energy.

Hybrid vehicles are designed to boost fuel economy and energy. Maximize these benefits by understanding how to drive your hybrid car.

Try Managing Your Battery Charge

Some people make the mistake of fully charging their hybrid car battery before. A charged battery consumes power faster compared to a half-charged battery.

Most manufacturers say you should keep your battery charged between 20- 80 percent. If you go below 20 percent and still drive, you could ruin your car’s battery. You won’t be able to charge it much later.

Try Braking to Improve Your Battery

When using electrical battery power, you can bring energy back to the battery when you hit the brakes. You could drive fast and brake to get power into the battery.

If you drive super slow, you should hit the brake gradually. This way, you won’t have to recharge your battery as often.

Don’t Use a Ton of Accessories

Your vehicle will have plenty of accessories. But these accessories end up using lots of battery power.

Your heater, radio, and AC will use up the power. Your vehicle will use less battery power when they supply energy to the accessories. If you have an eco-friendly vehicle mode on, you should use it.

Don’t use your headlights during the day. Use your mobile phone for music instead of using your vehicle’s radio power.

Always Read the Road

When driving a hybrid car, you should use your car battery. Speed up and then ease off the accelerator before easing it on again. Use it in an urban or town setting.

You will activate the EV mode, which you’ll see near the dashboard light. The engine will switch off, and you use the electric battery.

You should also try to keep a constant speed. Read the road ahead while driving. Remaining a defensive driver will help you avoid unnecessary braking or accelerating.

Braking maximizes the amount of energy you recover by the regenerative braking system.

What Affects Your Vehicle?

Many different factors will affect your vehicle’s performance. Your car will use way more fuel to warm it up on a cold day. After reaching a decent temperature, the figures will increase.

In the winter, you will probably use your lights and wipers more, which will use some of the power from your battery.

Take a Driving Course

You should look into taking a driving course in your area. Search up local driving companies or check out https://www.drivingtest.autos/vicroads-learners-test/.

You want to understand your region’s driving conditions. Are there aggressive drivers in your area? Do you need to practice with an experienced driver? 

Take your time driving in the city and on the highway with your hybrid.

Now You Know How to Drive a Hybrid Car

Did you find this guide helpful on how to drive a hybrid car? You should consider learning more about saving energy on a hybrid vehicle. Ask a professional to take you for a drive and show you how to use it.

Lessen your carbon footprint and save on gas by driving a hybrid vehicle.

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