Did you know the world record for car mileage is over 3.2 million miles? Car shoppers often look for a vehicle with the least used engine, but when the economy performs badly, they may need to rethink their aspersion to higher mileage.

Buying a used car is a better financial decision because you avoid the steep drop in resale value. A used car can also be reliable if you pick a model known for endurance.

If you’re looking for some of the best used cars under $20000 then check out our picks for reliable and affordable rides.

2015 Ford F-150

The Ford-F150 is one of America’s finest and toughest working beasts. These trucks are renowned for their power and reliability.

Normally you have to break the bank to have access to this kind of product, but the average price for a 2015 F-150 starts at just a little over $18,000.  

2019 (or Earlier) VW Golf

Since the Mk1 Golf, Volkswagen has released incredibly reliable and hardy vehicles year after year. Golfs are so reliable and easy to maintain that they’re one of the world’s most sought-after car models no matter the year of production. Some even have a reputation for being virtually indestructible.

A used 2019 VW Golf can price around $18,000, and older models will become gradually cheaper (in general terms). Parts are also cheap and easy to come by, and the older models are also easy enough to maintain from home if you’re a DIY mechanic by nature.

2015 Toyota Tacoma

For our Japanese truck fans, we have the Toyota Tacoma on this list, a powerful utility vehicle that works and plays well. A pre-owned 2015 model Tacoma can cost just under $20,000 (depending on the type of deal and dealer you get). You can also upgrade the older engine to give the truck more power and quicker acceleration.

2013 Mazda MX-5

If you’re looking for a good deal on a pre-owned sports car, then you can go for a 2013 MX-5. These are fun and reliable sports cars that can cost around $17,000 depending on model and mileage. They’re also really popular, so if you look after them well, they also retain a great resale value.

2016 Toyota Scion

Another fantastic used sports car is the Toyota Scion. Their four-cylinder engine delivers an incredible 200hp and since they’re quite small, the power to weight ratio makes for a really quick ride. These can cost between $17,400 and $19,900.

2016 Toyota Rav 4

Toyota’s Rav 4 is one of the best used cars for SUV drivers. It has an incredibly efficient engine and has enough space to make short and long drives feel comfortable. A pre-owned RAV4 XLE can cost $19,800 with the right discount.

2013 Subaru Outback

Another great SUV is the Subaru Outback. These SUVs make great city and country vehicles and handle off-roading as well as they handle the streets. They retail for about $19,000, but you can get a discount of up to $3000 if you find the right dealer.

If you’re looking for a discount on this vehicle or on pre-owned sedans, sports cars, and hatchbacks then find more here.

Find the Best Used Cars Under $20000 Today

Car shopping is a great experience, don’t let this economic dip rob you of that joy. If you’re looking for a town-hopper or for something to handle long journeys, then find a good dealer and a good discount on a used vehicle today. Buying from a used car dealership is also a better financial option for people looking to keep the resale value.

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