In 2020, US boat sales were selling at a 13-year high! Many of those boats will have been bought for recreational purposes, as boating was a solid option to enjoy the outdoors while social distancing during the pandemic.

If you are thinking of getting a boat, one consideration you should not overlook is joining a boat club. You might save yourself a whole lot of hassle using club boats rather than owning your own!

However, one issue you may face is being spoilt for choice with boat club options. Which do you choose?

Well, let’s run through seven tips to help you choose the right boat club for you!

1. The Purpose of a Boating Club

The real draw to joining a boat club has to be that you don’t need to buy a boat to enjoy boating. It takes away a lot of hassle!

Different types of boat clubs allow you to carry out the activities you love, such as kayaking, jet skiing, or sailing. So, it’s worth doing careful research to make sure you find boat club options that suit your needs.

2. How Boat Clubs Work

You will often have to pay an enrollment fee to become a boat club member. Thereafter, you will typically pay a monthly fee.

Sometimes you might have to pay a fee every year too. Once you’ve paid all your fees, you should be able to make regular reservations and enjoy everything the club has to offer!

Learn more about how boat clubs work right here.

3. Research the Social Side of Things

Social life is a big part of boat clubs. Before joining a club, be sure to research what types of events and social gatherings a particular boat club carries out.

Some clubs may be laid back with regular barbeques, for instance. Others may be more formal where you need to dress up for fine dining.

4. Do They Offer Training?

If you dream of sailing out on sunny days but never managed to learn how to sail, joining a boat club might be a great option for you. Many boat clubs offer training in how to use their boats.

And, if they have a variety of boats to try out, you’ll have plenty of new experiences to look forward to. For example, for one month you might focus on sailing, and then another month kayaking.


5. Don’t Treat It Like a Gym Membership

Many people join a gym, turn up a few times, and then keep paying their membership all year round without going anymore! Our advice is, to try not to fall into that trap with a boat club.

If you’re going to join, make the most of it! Have fun and create some amazing memories!

Join a Boat Club

Join a boat club if you don’t want the hassle of owning a boat. Then, enjoy all the amenities and social life on offer!

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