Did you know that imprisonment often leads to increased feelings of anxiety and depression?  

Depending on the crime committed, some people have less interaction with others. All of the solitary time can make them feel lonely. 

If you care about someone that is in prison and want to brighten their day, you should send a care package. 

Continue reading to discover the differences between federal vs state prisons so you can determine if it’s okay to send something! 

Level of Security

The level of security differs for federal and state inmates since federal prisons typically aren’t a danger. 

For example, state prison inmates aren’t allowed to get packages unless it’s been pre-approved. A member from the inmates unit or staff at the institution must approve items brought in from outside the prison. The security team will do a thorough investigation of anyone or anything coming into contact with the prisoner. 

It’s important to note that these security levels only permit state prisoners to clothes and medical devices. 

If you are interested in sending a care package, a transportation team can help with state inmates. Friends and family have more opportunities to communicate with and see inmates. They also have more freedom when it comes to gifts. 

Severity of Crimes 

If you’ve ever seen a prisoner get transported in a movie or real life, you likely noticed the heavy-duty vehicles.

Federal prisoners are taken seriously but often only transported in secure vans and cars. State prisoners get put in more heavy-duty trucks and vans to help keep the person away from the public. 

Any state prison guide will warn you that the prisoners are more dangerous, explaining the higher levels of security. Comparing federal vs state prison crimes will help you discover where your loved one likely ended up in.  

Types of Prisoners

Although federal and state prisoners are taken very seriously and kept from the public, some are more dangerous than others. 

Most people going into federal prison are white-collar criminals. White-collar criminals often have financially motivated crimes that aren’t necessarily violent toward others. Business and government officials are often the ones committing these crimes due to their access to information. 

People that get convicted of breaking state laws, typically from dangerous acts, go to state prison. The state will determine the treatment and timeline for these inmates. Keep in mind that prisoners in state prisons could be at risk for the death penalty since it’s legal in some areas. 

Can You Tell the Difference Between Federal vs State Prison?

Comparing federal vs state prison can determine if your you can contact or share items with a loved one.

Certain vehicle companies are permitted to transfer items into a prison. As long as you follow all the guidelines and check with the state, you can prevent them from feeling so isolated. Federal prisoners have more limitations, due to the nature of the crimes. 

Depending on the state, your friend could be dealing with strict conditions, even during transportation. 

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