There’s something about the feeling of the wind on your face, the open air, and the flexibility of mountain bike tires on rough terrain. Dealing with these obstacles makes mountain biking extra rewarding.

If you are an avid biker or looking for a new adventure and thrill, we’ve got you covered on the most essential mountain biking gear. Using this list, learn what you need to pack to have the best time of your life. 

Must-have Mountain Biking Gear

Here are a few pieces of gear that are essential for any mountain biking trip:

Mountain Bike

Of course, a good mountain bike is the most essential piece of equipment. It should be sturdy and able to handle any terrain you encounter. Depending on the type of terrain you’ll be riding, you may want a full-suspension or hardtail bike.

Protective Equipment

It’s important to be prepared with the proper protective gear before you head out.

A helmet is essential for mountain biking, as you are more likely to fall and hit your head on rough terrain. Make sure your helmet fits properly and is comfortable to wear.

Protect your eyes from the sun and debris with a good pair of sunglasses or goggles.

Mountain biking can be tough on your clothes, so wear something that won’t rip or tear easily. You might also consider wearing protective gear such as elbow and knee pads.

Snacks and Hydration

When you’re out on the trails, having the proper snacks and hydration is crucial to keep your energy levels up. A few snacks that are great for mountain biking are granola bars, trail mix, and fruit. You should always bring more water than you think you’ll need for hydration. A CamelBak is a great way to carry water on your bike.

Optional Mountain Biking Gear

Beyond the necessities, a few other things are optional but can be very helpful. Here are some of them:

Navigation Tools

Navigation tools such as a map or a GPS can be helpful in tracking your progress and location.

Bike Rack

Bike racks make transporting your bike to and from the trailhead easier. However, bike racks depend on what vehicle you drive. If you drive a truck, check out this best truck bed bike rack.

Repair Tools and Extra Parts

A good multi-tool is a necessity, as you never know when you’ll need to make a quick repair. Be sure to include tire levers, a chain tool, and a consistent inflation device.

Extra parts to bring along are a spare inner tube, a patch kit, and some CO2 cartridges. Again, you never know when you’ll need them. It’s always better to be prepared!

Ride Safely!

No matter where you go biking, bring along the essential mountain biking gear to help you enjoy the experience while staying safe. Items like a mountain bike, helmet, water, and snacks are key. Then decide if you want to bring along any optional gear to make your trip even better. With the right gear in tow, you’ll be ready to tackle any mountain biking adventure.

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