Did you know that 11.2 million households own an RV?

Owning an RV brings a lot of freedom, allowing you to travel to remote areas and places of scenic beauty. But, owning an RV also brings a few drawbacks, including the cost of fuel and expensive repairs.

One of the most vital maintenance jobs for RV owners is keeping the air conditioning unit clean. Neglecting to do so reduces the efficiency of the AC and ultimately leads to an increase in fuel consumption.

Ready to learn how to clean RV AC coils? Let’s explore everything you need to know below.

The Tools You’ll Need

You will need a few common tools to clean RV AC coils. A screwdriver will be necessary to remove the screws that hold the panels in place.

You’ll need a coil cleaning brush. This brush is designed specifically to clean AC coils and will help you reach all the nooks and crannies.

Get a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment that will help you remove any dirt or debris that the brush may have missed.

Finally, you’ll need a can of compressed air. This will remove any stubborn dirt or debris that is clinging to the coils.

Preparing The RV

Preparing the RV is an important process before beginning any type of cleaning inside the RV. This will help to avoid any potential hazards and will also make the process easier.

To start, you will need to turn off the power to the unit. Once all power is off, use the necessary supplies to clean the RV AC coils.

To clean your RV AC coils, it is important to browse their inventory and find the right products for your RV. You can find a variety of coils cleaning products online or at your local RV or auto parts store. Once you have the right product, follow the instructions on the label to clean your coils.

Cleaning The AC Coils

Cleaning RV AC coils is a simple task that you can complete in just a few minutes. All you will need is a damp cloth and a dry cloth.

Use a damp cloth to wipe down the outside of the AC coils. Be sure to get the top and bottom of the coils as well as the sides.

Next, use a dry cloth to wipe down the inside of the AC coils. Again, be sure to get the top and bottom of the coils as well as the sides. Finally, use the damp cloth to wipe down the outside of the AC coils one last time.

When To Call A Professional

You can clean your coils yourself, but it’s important to know when to call a professional. If you have any problems with your AC unit, or if it is not running as efficiently as it should, call a professional.

If you have never cleaned your coils before, or if they are extremely dirty, it’s best to call a professional. They will have the tools and knowledge to properly clean your coils without damaging them.

How To Clean RV AC Coils

You can prolong the life of your RV air conditioner by cleaning the coils. This will ensure that it operates efficiently and doesn’t have to work as hard. By following these steps on how to clean RV AC coils, you can ensure that they are clean and functioning properly.

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