Did you know that vehicle theft increased by 8% in 2021? Have you ever had your car stolen? It’s not a pleasant feeling, even when you aren’t on the hook for the total cost of the vehicle.

These days, car theft rates are at an all-time low, which is good news for everyone. However, if you happen to live in an area where car theft is common, you fear your doors will kick in on any given day.

Keep reading to find out what to do when your car gets stolen.

Call the Police Immediately

It can be very distressing to have your car stolen, and knowing what to do in this situation is essential. The first thing you should do is call the police immediately. They will be able to help you file a report and start the process of finding your car.

If you have a GPS in your car, tell the police so they can try to track it down. Call your insurance company to file a claim if you have comprehensive insurance. In the meantime, start thinking about how you’ll get around without a car.

If you have an anti-theft device installed in your car, activate it. You should also keep a record of your car’s make, model, license plate number, and recent vehicle photo. It is also important to cancel insurance policies or roadside assistance as soon as possible.

Finally, it is essential to stay calm and patient as the process of finding your car can be long and stressful.

Gather Your Vehicle Information

To begin hunting for your car or begin to compensate you for its loss, the police will need information about your car. Here is some info:

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

This number is usually on your car’s registration card, insurance card, or on a metal plate inside the driver’s doorjamb. With this number, the police can help you find your car.

Your License Plate Number

Please give them your license plate number and the description of your car. If you have any security cameras, give them the footage. The police will open an investigation and try to find your vehicle.

Information About Custom Parts

You should try to find out if your car has any custom parts that would make it more difficult to sell. If it does, you should contact a local locksmith or car dealership to see if they can help you get your car back.

Your Lienholder’s or Lessor’s Information

They will need to know your car’s make, model, and VIN, as well as your contact information. They may also require a copy of the police report. Once you have notified them, you should begin finding a new car.

Call Your Car Insurance Company

The best thing to do when your car gets stolen is to call your car insurance company. They will be able to help you through the process and get you the money you need to replace your car. They may also be able to help you find your vehicle if it is recovered.

You can file a claim for compensation for the loss of your car if you have comprehensive coverage. The procedure of receiving payment for the vehicle, if it is never recovered, or of covering repair costs, if it is, begins with the filing of this claim.

If the car is found, comprehensive coverage might, for instance, assist in paying for a window damaged while the burglar was gaining entry or a compromised ignition system. When your car is being towed or stolen, you should call an auto insurance company.

Contact Your Lienholder or Lessor

You must inform your lender or lessor that your car has been stolen if you are still making payments or leasing it. They will need to be informed immediately about theft since they have a financial stake in or ownership of the car.

After that, you can contact your insurance to sort out more specifics. Full auto insurance coverage will cover the remaining debt on the lease and the value of leased automobiles. They will not receive any insurance proceeds for the loss of the vehicle to pay off any remaining debt.

Message Your Financial Institutions

You should message your financial institutions and let them know what has happened. They will help you cancel your credit and debit cards, and they may be able to put a freeze on your accounts. You should also change the locks on your home, and if you have a garage, you should make sure that the doors are locked, and the alarm is on.

Be Prepared for the Possibility

Finally, it would help if you took some time to evaluate how this happened and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

You should always be prepared for the possibility that your car might get stolen. You can do a few things to help prevent this from happening, such as parking in a well-lit area and keeping your vehicle locked at all times. 

Understanding What to Do When Your Car Gets Stolen

What to do when your car gets stolen? If your vehicle is stolen, you should report the theft to the police and your insurance company as soon as possible. You should also take steps to prevent your car from being stolen in the first place, such as parking in a well-lit area or using a steering wheel lock.

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