By 2040, experts predict that over 33% of vehicles will be electric. As the world becomes more environmentally friendly, so does the automotive industry. When you buy a car, your vehicle choice shows whether the environment is essential to you.

Keeping up with the latest car trends can help you make an educated decision about your next purchase. Here are four of the most important trends on the horizon.

1. Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is a type of self-driving technology that allows you to use your car without monitoring its movements. Instead of paying attention to the road, you can focus on other tasks like reading or working on your laptop.

For autonomous vehicles to work, manufacturers need two key components: sensors and processors. Sensors allow the car to see its surroundings and navigate around obstacles. Processors interpret information from those sensors and give instructions to the vehicle’s software.

Manufacturers like Tesla and Ford are actively developing autonomous driving technologies. But there’s still a long way to go before you take your hands off the wheel and let your vehicle do all the work for you.

2. Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are becoming more popular because of their environmental friendliness. In 2021, sales of electric vehicles doubled compared to the previous year. The US government is also making electric cars more attractive by offering tax credits for consumers.

Most trending cars are electric. You can view this Dodge dealership and learn more about the latest electric vehicles on the market.

3. Online Car Sales

According to ABC News, about 30% of all new cars sold in the US were purchased online. Because of this trend, dealerships are investing in better digital customer experiences.

Online car tours are just one of the ways consumers can understand what it would be like to own each model. Dealerships also offer virtual simulators. This tool allows customers to experience driving the vehicle for themselves.

In addition, dealerships can offer services like financing or leasing online so that customers don’t have to go into the store.

4. Purchasing Used Cars

Used car prices rose more than 35% in March 2022, proving a high demand for them. Used vehicles are still much more affordable than buying new ones.

Supply chains have decreased the number of new cars they’re producing. This is because many people are opting for used cars instead. This trend has caused a shortage of new vehicles, which has increased prices even further.

Stay on Top of the Latest Car Trends

Self-driving cars and electric vehicles are on the rise. As more people adopt these technologies, they will become more affordable and widely available. Keep an eye on car trends and ensure you’re not buying a car that’s going to be outdated in a year or two.

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