Car washing can be a labor of love or a necessary step in getting the grime out of your car. For some people, car washing is a borderline art form that requires a grand plan and ultra-specialized tools.

While detailing your car may be important for its resale value or first impressions, washing it every week is overkill. Conserving water usage weekly is important to protecting the earth’s resources. 

Keep reading below to learn the right answer to “how often should one wash their car”?

Car Wash

One of the most fundamental steps to maintaining a car is a good car wash. Most car washing companies recommend that you wash your car every two weeks. This will revitalize the car and make it look as new as possible.

It also depends on the weather conditions and how often you use your car. For those of us who live in climates with high rain and snowfall, you should wash your car more often to protect against salt and sand that can damage your car.

Regular car wash is essential in the upkeep of a car and in the maintenance of its resale value. Click here to learn more when considering consigning or reselling your car.

Interior Cleaning

It is best to deep clean your interior once a month and spot clean more often. Vacuum the carpets, and cleaning the spills and messes as soon as they happen is also a good practice.

Use cleaning supplies made for upholstery and leather. Wiping down the air vents, door, windows and dashboard and other plastic surfaces with a clean cloth and mild cleaner can help prevent dust and grime buildup. Also, take care to change out any air fresheners and clean the ashtray.

Tire Cleaning and Treatment

Tire cleaning and treatment is a crucial part of car maintenance. Tires need to clean dirt, mud, and other debris to ensure adequate traction and protect against damage.

Tire cleaning and treatment should also do at least once every few months to protect from cracking, fading, and other potential damage.

Waxing and Polishing 

Car owners should wax and polish their cars at least every three months. Since waxing and polishing help to protect the car’s finish from oxidation and the elements, it is important to make sure it’s done often.

Waxing and polishing should do to restore the car paint and shine if it is looking dull or discolored.

How Often Should One Wash Their Car: The Ultimate Guide

While there is no set answer for how often should one wash their car, a good rule of thumb is to wash it every two weeks or so. This will help to keep your car looking its best and prevent any build-up of dirt or grime.

For the best results, be sure to use a quality car wash soap and a soft cloth or sponge. Also, don’t forget to wax your car to polish and shine.

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