Did you know that many Americans do not know how to fix their own cars, even when it comes to basic issues like flat tires? If you want to avoid spending an arm and a leg at the mechanic, you should learn the basics of car repair.

An essential tool for diagnosing and repairing your ride is a car jack. However, you need to know how to safely operate car jacks so you do not get injured. Here are some tips to get you started with using a car jack.

Do Not Overload Your Stand

When you use car lifts, check the weight limit and compare it to the weight of your vehicle. You should take these weight limits very seriously. Avoid this issue by purchasing a car jack that is compatible with your car.

If you put too much weight on your stand, the car could end up breaking the stand and rolling, which could cause major injuries or even death.

Block the Wheels

You should always use a car jack when you work underneath a car. Utilizing other high lift jack accessories will create an even more secure experience so you can focus on the vehicle repair.

Make sure that you block the wheels on the side where the car is not raised. You can use wedges, chocks, or even brick to block the wheels and keep them from moving.

Always Use a Level Surface

Never jack up your car on a surface that is not level. Even a slight incline could cause major damage and cause the car to roll over you while you work on it.

In addition, you should lift your car on a solid surface like concrete or asphalt. A soft surface, such as dirt or gravel, might cause your vehicle to sink into the ground, or lean to one side and crush you.

Double Check Security

It is always better to ensure that your car jacks are secure before going underneath a vehicle. The few extra seconds it takes to perform a second check can save your life.

If you can, you should also try to have someone with you when you do car repairs. This way, there will be someone to call for help in case of problems or a medical emergency. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Your vehicle should always be in Park with the emergency brake on as well. This will reduce the risk of your car rolling away during the repair process.

Safely Use a Car Jack

If you want to fix your car yourself, you need to know how to use a car jack. With this guide, you can navigate the process and make sure that you do not get hurt.

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