One of the biggest things that prevents millions of Americans from pursuing their American dream is the element of logistics.

Did you know that knowing how to move a car across country may be the only thing standing in between you and your life in the American dream?

Your dream job or even dream retirement may well be across the country, but you may seriously consider giving that up if it means you have to move your dog, your car, and your new cat too. Today’s car shipping companies are saying, give us the keys and let us take the bulk of this stress away from you.

Learn more right here about how to move a car across country, and begin visualizing your dreams coming true today.

1. Know Options for How to Move a Car Across Country

There are a number of methods of how to move a car across country. You can drive it yourself, pay someone else to drive it, or hire a car shipping service to do it for you.

Another popular option today is the Amtrak Auto Train, which is exactly what it sounds like. You load your belongings into your vehicle, your vehicle onto a train, and then you get to sit and relax and enjoy a nice journey by train to your destination.

And you won’t be alone when you do it, either. One car shipping company that ships from Toronto to Florida drives approximately 100 vehicles to Florida between the months of October and December alone.

2. Understand Car Shipping Costs

Car shipping is a very convenient option when you are worrying about how to move a car across country. There are varying options by the carrier, with each carrying its own specific cost.

Open-Air trucks are the most affordable method of car shipping. You will see delivery within approximately one to three weeks once you give them the keys.

Enclosed trucks are available and generally for a higher cost.

Other factors that will go into your costs will include the distance, the location of the drop-off, the condition of your vehicle, and gas costs. Generally speaking, cars that have been modified will cost a little extra as well.

To give you an idea of the price ranges, you may see on average, a car shipping cost of approximately $1,000 for a trip from New York to Florida.

3. Consider Professional Drivers

Another important thing to keep in mind when you are wondering how to move a car across country is the option of professional drivers. You may want to hire a student or family member to drive the car for you, or you may want an actual driver that does this for a living.

Cost is not always the most important factor. This option gives you a little more freedom when you are passing over the keys.

Some professional drivers will even move some belongings and even your cat or your dog with the drive if you need them to. The added cost this could incur could be well worth every penny if it gives you peace of mind as you drive closer to your American dream.

4. Read Reviews if Price Seems Too Low

You always want to know how to move a car across country at the lowest rates, but that doesn’t mean you should go by affordability alone. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Put on your detective hat and hunt for comparison quotes or reviews of the company or driver in question. They may offer you low rates because they are such impeccable drivers that they have low insurance costs themselves, for example.

But they may have low rates because they don’t declare income, or have a bad record, or are cutting corners everywhere they can. When you are putting your car keys in the hands of a stranger, you need to do your background research.

5. Document Everything

It is going to be a stressful experience to allow a stranger or a college student you know to take your car keys. You don’t know when you will see your baby again.

Before that happens, document everything. Have your car detailed before the trip, and take photographs of every single inch of it.

You also want to do an inspection with the shipping company or professional driver and keep a contract.

Take notes beforehand of all of your vehicle’s service records, and any bell or whistle on the car that may be making noise or acting up. Be sure all parties are aware of these notes before you hand over the keys.

The last thing you want is a car problem on the road that you are not liable for. If your car has problems that may be on you, but you don’t want strangers trying to snow you on this either.

Keep it Rolling

Don’t stress, there are a number of ways of how to move a car across country, and every single method buys you peace of mind. When you are looking into car shipping or private drivers to relocate your vehicle, do your due diligence.

Document every communication and transaction, and take photos of your car before and after. And do your research before you or your vehicle hits the road.

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