person applying vehicle wrap

Vehicle wraps are one of the best ways to transform your vehicle into something cool. Nonstandard vehicle exteriors are attention getters, whether you’re trying to advertise a business or like to make a statement.

Yet if you’re leasing your vehicle or have concerns about the paint coming off when the vinyl wrap comes off, you may hesitate to pay for the process. A car is an expensive asset to take a gamble on.

Here are all the answers to the questions you may have about vehicle wraps, including whether the vehicle’s paint takes a beating–take a look.

How Do Vehicle Wraps Work?

Vinyl wraps for your vehicle use adhesive to stick to the vehicle. Car wrapping can take more abuse than paint because it’s more elastic.

When your vehicle gets hit by a rock or chunk of debris, it’s more likely to take the hit and bounce back than sustain damage. Vehicle wraps can get damaged, but it’s not as common.

Types of Paint

As long as you make sure the paint is fully cured before having a vinyl wrap applied, the paint shouldn’t come off when the wrap comes off. A fresh coat of paint improves your vehicle’s appearance and provides a good under layer for the wrap. However, if you don’t allow the paint to cure all the way, a vinyl wrap could take part of the paint with it when it comes off.

As long as there are no chips in the paint when the vinyl wrap goes on, there shouldn’t be any damage when it comes off. Make sure your wrap company does a full inspection before applying any covering. Chips in the paint have a chance of becoming a lot worse with the removal of a wrap, so you need to know about any chips before the process begins.

Damage from Vehicle Wraps

There should not be any damage to your vehicle’s paint from a vinyl wrap if the paint is high-quality paint from the manufacturer. Any wrap covering an inferior paint or coating may damage the paint when removed, if only because the paint used wasn’t appropriate for the vehicle. If you have your car repainted, double-check that the company uses OEM paint.

The opposite should be true. The wrap should help to protect the paint from damage due to weather and other adverse conditions. Vehicle wraps also keep vehicle coatings cleaner longer, free from dirt, pine sap, and other deposits they can pick up from normal wear and tear.

A Sweet Ride

When the conditions are right, vehicle wraps should not damage a vehicle’s paint job. Research the company ahead of time to make sure they’re using high-quality vinyl and inspecting your vehicle for any damage before applying a wrap. The vinyl is a great way to use your car to advertise or make a statement, and it’s removable when high-quality paint is underneath.

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