girls and party bus

Remember that one friend with a rusty sedan? The one who stuffed the entire crew into the back seat and drove around all night. Remember the hilarious car prank game where everyone jumped out of the car and switched seats at red lights?

Maybe you’re one with the ride and the friends who chant party bus every time you pull up.

What is a party bus, you say? Aha! There is such a thing, and it’s not your lemon of a car.

Read this post and for everything you should know about party buses and tips for renting one.

What Is a Party Bus?

First, the party bus is not your car! It’s not your friend’s car! It’s not a car at all—it’s the hottest trend to come to the transportation industry.

One big misconception about a party bus is that’s it’s just another limo. Wrong! Limos usually transport people to the airport, a wedding, or occasions of a more serious nature.

A party bus can also transport a wedding party (and probably several guests) but can also give a ride to:

  • Sports Events
  • Corporate Parties
  • Kid’s Birthday Parties

Wherever there’s a celebration, you’ll find a party bus delivering people to the festivities.

Party Bus Features

So, if this bus isn’t a typical limousine, what makes it special?

A party bus can fit 18, 20, and sometimes up to 45 riders, depending on the size of the bus. Now, we’re not saying you can’t find a limo that holds this many people. You can, and it’s called a limo bus.

Party bus sounds more fun, no?

Inside the party bus, you’ll find things like a beverage station for serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some companies provide glassware as well, but you bring your own beverages.

For entertainment while in transit, make sure you reserve a bus with a flat-screen TV and DVD player. Some party buses also include luxury seating and special lighting.

How Do I Rent a Party Bus?

There’s nothing complicated about a party bus rental, but before you book, you should think about a few things.

Know how many guests you’ll invite. It’s no fun partying on a bus designed to hold 18 people when you’ve invited 30.

Also, keep in mind the age ranges of your guests. Most party bus services allow alcoholic beverages, but they will check IDs.

Aside from the size and age range of your guest list, there’s not much else for you to do except contact the party bus company and book your ride.

Time to Hop on the Party Bus

Did we satisfy your curiosity?  Can you properly answer the question, what is a party bus?

Great! Now you’re ready to get the party bus started—but do leave that part to the professional chauffeur, okay?

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