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Today, 272 million cars are registered and ready to hit America’s roads. That’s a massive number that has solidified the United States as the second largest car market in the world.

Being in a large car market is an interesting distinction but sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. What we’re interested in knowing is how many of the cars that you see on the streets look, feel and perform great? Does your car even check those boxes?

If it doesn’t, investing in cheap car mods can upgrade your vehicle’s experience.

For those of you that aren’t sure where to start with your car modding ambitions, keep reading for our suggestions.

1. New Stereo

There’s nothing like great music to accompany you as you’re flying down the highway to parts unknown. Unfortunately, no matter how awesome your turns are, if your sound system is a wreck, you’re not going to get the full effect of your experience.

That’s why we think that investing in solid car sound systems is a must when you’re pouring money into your vehicle.

There are several affordable sound systems out there, both name brand and off-brand, that just about any local car shop can install in your “whip”.

2. Floor Mats

While not the most impressive of cheap car mods, swapping out your flat mats is probably something that you should have done with your car a long time ago but haven’t gotten around to.

Are your floor mats covered in scuffs and gunk? Do they look like they’re in bad shape, even after a wash?

If they do, pick up mats that are brand new and feature pops of color which will make your car’s cabin more interesting.

3. Seat Covers

The single most important car mod that you can buy if comfort is important to you is a seat cover. Because let’s face it, most car’s stock seats aren’t that comfortable.

Seat covers can be bought for both your front and back seats, and come in a variety of styles to suit people with different back preferences.

4. Racing Pedals

Your pedals are one of the most important interfaces between you and your vehicle. That’s why so many people ditch their plastic pedals and opt for all-steel racing pedals

Steel pedals tend to have less “give” to them which awards you better control over your acceleration. Beyond that pragmatic advantage, racing pedals just look awesome.

5. Exterior Wraps

Whether you’re looking for a car body that’s a different color or one that looks like it belongs on a race track, getting an exterior wrap can transform the look of your vehicle.

It’s worth noting that wraps can be a tad on the pricier side. After all, you’re paying for a piece of vinyl that’s as big as your car’s body and expert installation. If you find a great wrap technician and pick a solid design though, you’ll be blown away by how much value you get out of this car mod.

6. USB Outlets

The world runs on handheld electronics and your handheld electronics run on USB power. Therefore, no matter the age of your car, you’re going to want to have USB outlets installed.

USB installation may require basic soldering skills so if that makes you nervous, leave this job to the pros.

7. LED Lighting

Your car may already have LED lights in it that illuminate different areas of your cabin. You can transform the look and feel of your car just by swapping out those existing LEDs for ones that give you more control over their color.

If your car doesn’t have LEDs or doesn’t have as many as you’d like, LED light strips are astonishingly cheap and in many car models, are simple to install.

8. Window Tinting

Window tinting is a cheap car mod that has been a favorite amongst consumers for decades. The advantages of getting window tinting done include less sun exposure while driving, less heat erosion to your car’s interior and of course, more privacy as you drive.

Note that some states do have laws in place that restrict the amount of tinting your windows can feature. Any qualified body shop will know what these limits are and will keep your vehicle in compliance.

9. Engine Remapping

Newer cars leverage software to direct their engines on how to run. This software may limit your car’s performance to keep in line with fuel economy expectations and local regulations.

If you’d like to get more out of your car’s engine without buying new parts, you may be able to change your engine’s code to tailor its operation to your preferences.

Note that this is not a task that you’ll want to DIY. Go to a car modding professional since uploading bad code onto your car could turn it into a giant paperweight.

10. Shift Knob Swap

For those of you that are sporting a manual car, you probably spend a lot of time clutching onto your gear shift. To increase your hand comfort and to improve the overall look of your vehicle, consider getting your shift knob swapped out for a more premium one.

Shift knobs can be bought online and come in just about every style that you can imagine so have fun picking one that fits your needs.

Cheap Car Mods Can Have a Rich Impact on Your Vehicle

You might not buy that swapping out some floor mats and installing LEDs can have a big impact on your car. If you spend a ton of time in your vehicle though, you’d be surprised by how much cheap car mods can do to improve your car’s performance, comfort, and your happiness.

Try some of our mod suggestions today and see for yourself!

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