SUV on road

SUVs are the safest option to transport your family. Studies have found that larger and sturdier vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs provide the safest transportation option and have less injury and death when compared to sedans.

SUVs provide not only safe transportation, but room for your family (with space to grow!). 

Now that you’ve decided to get an SUV, you have a big choice to make. What is the best SUV for family transportation? What is the best SUV for YOU?

Best SUV for Family Use – How will I Know?

How do you know what the best SUV is for your family? It isn’t a one size fits all answer. 

Where to start… 2 rows? 3? Extra trunk space? TVs?

How will you ever know what is right for you? 

The only way you’ll truly be able to guarantee you’ll love a car is by driving it! In a perfect world we could test drive the car for a month and see how it meshes with our life, but let’s be real that will never happen! 

In the meantime, we’ll do the research and let you do the test drive ( and unfortunately not a month long one). 

Kia Telluride

This is one of our favorite all around SUVs. The Kia Telluride has the perfect combination of space as a 3-row midsize SUV and power, packed with a 3.8L V6 engine. You’ll even get good gas mileage. 

The Kia Telluride looks far more elegant, inside and out, then its price tag would let on. The 2020 Telluride has more features in its basic model than most of its competitors.  

Those who have gotten the Kia Telluride pride it for its spacious interior, comfortable drive, and standard safety features. 

With 7 or 8 seat options and spectacular towing power, the Kia Telluride may be the perfect well rounded vehicle for your family. Basic models will run you around $36,500, loaded will cost $8,000 more, but may be worth it if you like your SUV loaded with all of the bells and whistles. 

Ford Expedition 

If you’re looking for an all American family SUV, the fourth generation Ford Expedition will be right up your alley. 

Large is the word we would use to describe it. Available in regular and max body styles, the Expedition has  3.5L V6 engine and Ford Co-Pilot360 available standard on all models. 

With a quick acceleration, comfortable seating, spacious 3rd row, and major cargo capacity the Ford Expedition will be perfect for your growing family. It isn’t as quiet as other vehicles, but remember it is packing quite a punch. And maybe it’ll drown out the noise of your children yelling at each other. 

The price for the Expedition is a bit hefty, just as its size. The Basic model will cost you about $54,500. Depending on the trim and model, your SUV could cost $80,000.

Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse has ample room in all three rows with space for passengers and items alike. 

With an entertainment system, you can keep your family distracted while you drive so you can focus on the road with that powerful V6 engine! 

Now, you may have to dish out an additional fee for safety features and other equipment which doesn’t come in the standard model. You can purchase the standard for around $29,300 and the loaded model will be $36,500. 

Hyundai Santa Fe

Not ready for that 3rd row yet?

Hyundai Santa Fe is one of our favorite midsize SUVs this year. There are ample safety features that come standard in the basic model.

Plus, Hyundai has spectacular warranty coverage available for new cars. 

Downside, less than average mpg and there is just a bit less power behind the engine at 2.4L, but then again it isn’t pushing around a 3rd row!

If you like the style of the Hyundai Santa Fe, but you are in need of the extra room, the Hyundai Santa Fe XL may be the car for you! If you’re specifically looking for a Hyundai but STILL need more room, we recommend checking out the Hyundai Palisade.

Honda Pilot

We like the Honda Pilot for your family because it has great fuel economy and a smooth ride. Plus, it’s got creative little spaces to hide your smaller cargo! 

The Pilot is good if you have, say 3 kids and a dog. It has a smaller 3rd row, so while there isn’t ample space in the back, you’ll be able to get everyone in the car comfortably.

The Honda Pilot Basic model is perfectly priced at $35,500.

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is a reliable family SUV with good fuel economy. Despite the solid V6 engine, you’ll have a quiet ride. Well, as far as the car goes, we can’t speak towards your family’s noise levels. 

The high-tech safety features run standard on the basic models. 

This is the least expensive SUV on our list, coming in at around $28,000 for the basic model and $38,000 for the loaded model.  

Mercedes-Benz GLS

And now the most expensive SUV on our list. Three rows of luxurious space and flexible cargo capacity, the Mercedes-Benz is perfect for toting around your large family. 

Beautiful exterior and interior, responsive steering, comfort, and let’s repeat this, space, make this Mercedes-Benz live up to the expectations that come with the name.  

MBUX is the infotainment system that comes with the Mercedes-Benz and it will keep you and your family safe and entertained.   

The Mercedes-Benz GLS basic model is costly, at around $75,500. If you want all of the features that come with the loaded model it will cost almost $98,000.

Which SUV is Right for Your Family?

There’s a lot to sort out when choosing the perfect SUV for your family, but we know what it really comes down to; safety, space, and looks. 

You’ve heard our selection at Go Motors on the best SUV for family use, now get out there and give these babies a test ride!