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In the US, there’re more than six million motor vehicle accidents that happen every year. Roughly 3 million people are injured in these accidents annually. Have you recently been involved in an accident like this?

If so, your friends might be telling you its time to call a lawyer to assist you with your case. Learn more here on just five reasons why your friends are right. Find out how these professionals can help you get the best outcomes that you deserve.

What’s a Car Crash Lawyer?

Motor vehicle or car crash lawyers represent both accident victims and defendants. Car crash attorneys are experts in the area of law called tort law. Tort law provides a legal forum to relieve damages made by one person to another.

Five Reasons to Call a Lawyer After Your Motor Vehicle Accident

There’s a spectrum of legal professionals who can help you after your accident, ranging from motorcycle accident professionals to a semi-truck tractor trailer lawyer. Each of these legal pros can do the following for you:

1. Write a Demand for Compensation

If you’re the victim in an accident, a motor vehicle accident lawyer can prepare your demand for compensation letter. Demand for compensation letters outline all injuries and damage received. A demand for compensation also includes how much payment you’ll need to cover your damages.

2. Negotiate Settlements

You and the other party might want to privately settle your case. Approximately 95 percent of motor vehicle accident cases are settled without heading towards the legal system.

Top accident lawyers routinely represent defendants and victims in these negotiations. Negotiations can help avoid high court costs and find a resolution that satisfies everyone.

3. Follow the State Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations are laws that state how much time an injured victim has after their accident to file their case within their local court system. Motor vehicle accident lawyers will help you file your lawsuit by these due dates.

They’ll also provide additional car accident legal advice in case you eventually suffer from delayed onset injuries from the date of your initial accident. Delayed injury cases have different legal filing requirements that must be followed.

4. Monitor Accidents That Occur on Public Right of Ways

If you’re responsible for an accident that happened on a public road, both you and the governmental agency that maintains the road could be liable. This dynamic creates numerous disputes swirling throughout their own review process. Car crash lawyers will follow these multiple proceedings to represent your best interests.

5. Address Inconsistent Police or Medical Reports

If there’re contradicting facts between your claim’s police or medical reports, your claim could be denied. Motor vehicle lawyers conduct their own investigation into your claim. They’ll submit their findings that support your claim and address these other contradicting facts.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to call a lawyer to help with your recent motor vehicle accident, you can start today. Set an appointment to speak to a motor vehicle accident attorney. Don’t forget to ask them to share their recent tort law experience with you.

Start this process immediately, even if you don’t have any physical injury symptoms. Taking these steps today will help you just in case you incur delayed onsite injuries at a future date.

Are you still asking yourself “do I need a lawyer after a car accident?” If so, head over to our website for more insights. Our behind-the-scenes look at the world of law and those who practice it just might have the answer you need.