Lovers on a Motorcycle

According to the National Retail Federation, the average American is predicted to spend around $161 on Valentine’s Day gifts, candy, and cards this year. But when you have a unique loved-one, the gift itself, not the price tag, is what will really make an impact.

So, if you’re set on finding the perfect Valentine gift for motorcycle riders you care about, here are some uniquely ideal suggestions.

1. GoPro Full Face Helmet Chin Mount

The gift itself is a mouthful, but if your motorcycle-riding loved one likes to capture rad, first-hand, video of their rides, this gift is a must-have. The full-face helmet chin mount for GoPros lets your rider attach their GoPro easily so you get a clear picture of their amazing ride.

No more need to worry about trying to attach a GoPro to their helmet and getting skewed footage from above eye-level. Plus, this gift only hits about $40 in cost. 

Throw in a box of chocolate and your Valentine’s expenses will still be way below the national average.

2. Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset

Modern riders need modern solutions to their communication conundrums. With the Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset, your motorcycle riders no longer have to shout at each other over the noise of wind and traffic.

This hands-free comms set fits right in the helmet so riders can take calls, listen to music, and connect with 5 or more riders so they can easily talk the whole ride. Sweet.

Reasonably priced for its immense value, this gift hits around $296.

3. Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga

Whether or not your rider is an avid reader, this remarkable account is a page-turner. Hunter S. Thompson’s groundbreaking journalism is documented in this gripping tale of the two years he spent living with the infamous Hell’s Angels

Thompson’s un-matched story-telling sheds light on some of the darker times during the 60s and the humorous and brutal experience of living with this legendary biker gang.

Another inexpensive gift, you can buy this book used for around $20.

4. Motorcycle Patches

Motorcycle patches are a unique aspect of motorcycle culture. They can signal anything from honor for a fallen friend, to allegiance to a certain club.

You can have custom patches made with just about anything you can imagine on them. Quotes, images, info about races or tours, you name it.

Help your rider get his or her message across with personalized, unique riding patches designed just for them. Pricing varies depending on the size, style, and design of the patch.

5. Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount

Perfect for motorcyclists, this phone mount gives them immediate access to their speedometer, GPS, and music. 

Durable, it’s made from plastic and silicone so it can withstand less than ideal weather conditions. It’s also a universal fit so it can attach to any style of motorcycle handles. 

Another inexpensive, but thoughtful gift, the Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount is perfect for the techy rider you love. 

Motorcycle Riders: Choosing Their Ideal Gift

When it comes to choosing the ideal Valentine gift for motorcycle riders, it’s more about considering their needs, and tastes than anything. Show your love through your thoughtfulness.

For more motor-related tips and hacks, browse our “most popular” portion of our blog. Happy riding!