Car With No License Plate

Have you been on the highway and spotted a vehicle rushing past you that seems to have no license plate? You may wonder if that driver is operating illegally. You may find yourself in a situation where your own vehicle doesn’t have a proper license plate.

What are the penalties that you might face if your vehicle has no license plate?

Read on, and we’ll walk you through everything that you need to be aware of.

Laws Vary From State to State

How long can you drive without a proper license plate, and what might the punishment be if you continue driving outside of those parameters?

The answer depends quite a bit on where you’re from and what state’s roadways you spend your time on. Each state has different laws regarding vehicles and proper licensing. 

For example, in Wisconsin, a driver would need to display a permanent plate on their vehicle within two business days of their purchase. Failure to do would result in a fine of about $200.

In California, the situation is somewhat different. If you’ve ever been to this West Coast state, you’ll notice the highways are full of cars without proper licenses affixed. This is because the law there is quite different. 

Drivers are not required to affix a permanent license to their vehicle until their vehicle has become officially registered with the state. Residents in California have a ninety-day window in which to register new vehicles, which means automobile drivers can drive almost three months without the need for a proper license.

The difference between these two states indicates just how varied these laws can be from location to location. If you’re curious about what the laws are in your state, it’s best to research this through your state government’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

It’s important to remember these entities can use resources like this license plate lookup tool from Search Quarry to determine information about vehicles that have proper registration.

Punishments for Failure to Comply

What might a driver face if they’re caught driving without a proper license plate? While this might vary from place to place, we can talk about how these punishments are often handed out.

For one, punishments in most areas will increase based on how long the driver has been without proper registration. A driver who has been on the road months after they were supposed to have a license will face a more serious charge than the person who is only a few days past the limit.

Jail time won’t be a possible scenario for those facing a first-time offense, but individuals who are caught driving without a license multiple times? They might have to spend some time behind bars.

A repeat offense is considered a misdemeanor, and it will show up one’s permanent record.

Can You Drive With No License Plate?

Have you seen vehicles driving around with no license plate and wondered what the punishment was? The above information can help fill you in on the potential penalties.

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