Car Windshield Damage

The windshield is an integral part of your vehicle. It protects you from harm and offers structural integrity to your car. 

Windshield damage compromises structural integrity and safety. There are several types of common damage to your windshield. Do you know what they are?

Keep reading for a brief guide to different types of windshield damage. 

Common Types Of Windshield Damage

Have you ever been driving down the road and had a rock fly out from behind that truck in front of you? There’s a sudden sharp noise as something hits your windshield, and you instinctively duck while trying not to cause an accident!

You look up with a sinking feeling, your heart racing, and you see a chip in the middle of your windshield. 

This is a common occurrence on the road, and there are several types of resulting windshield damage.

Chip Damage

That rock that hits your window often results in damage called a “chip.” There’s a small piece of glass missing from the windshield. Professionals also call this type of damage a “pit” or “stone break.”

Is it less than one inch in diameter and doesn’t penetrate all the way through the glass? If so, it’s likely a technician can fix it. Check with an auto glass repair shop. 


Have you ever seen a chip with cracks radiating from the center? A technician can fix star-type damage but can’t render it invisible. This can lower the value of your car if you’re looking to sell it. 

Bulls-Eye Damage

Bulls-eye damage is a lot like chip damage only bigger. The chip leaves a bigger hole and a circular ring pattern around the chip. The pattern looks like a dartboard, thus the name bulls-eye. 

Bulls-eye damage usually calls for a replacement windshield due to the size of the hole. 

Cracks In The Windshield

Windshield damage also comes in the form of cracks. These can happen without anything hitting the windshield.

As long as the crack is less than three inches, a repair is possible. Sometimes you’ll need a total windshield replacement. 

There are different types of cracks. 

Edge Cracks

As the name implies, these cracks start within two inches of the edge of the windshield. They extend out up to 12 inches. 

Stress Cracks

Is your car parked outside during severe heat or extreme cold? You could experience a stress crack. These cracks happen due to fluctuations in temperature. 

Floater Cracks

Cracks in the middle of the windshield more than two inches from the edge are floater cracks. They vary in size and length. 

If you’ve got a floater crack in your windshield, it may worsen with temperature variations. 

Repairing Windshield Damage

There are many types of windshield damage. Does your windshield have cracks, chips, stars, or bulls-eye damage? It’s best to let a professional take a look. 

A glass technician will let you know if you need repair or a replacement windshield. Don’t let the damage go too long since it compromises your safety. Also, don’t forget to check with your insurance company!

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