Red Volkswagen Parked on Roadside

When looking for a car, you may focus on performance and style. But did you know that the color of your car says a lot about your personality?

You might choose a vehicle based on subliminal decisions and not even know. Whether your car is black, white, or any color in between, each color has specific meanings that match your personality. 

Did you know that statistics show some colors are safer than others? Are you the type of person to choose one of these cars?

Keep reading to learn about what the color of a car says about you. 

Car Colors for Every Personality

Every car color has personality traits associated with it. Take a look at each color choice to see if it matches your personality. 


If you drive a black car then you may seek the attention of others. You take pride in appearance and want to gain social status. Since black is a powerful color, you are confident and want a car to match your strong personality. 

However, there’s a chance you may be introverted and hide behind your black vehicle to protect yourself.


Statistically speaking, white cars are the safest car color. If you drive one of these cars then you may be seeking safety and perfection. Since white is a color that stands out, you probably don’t mind being noticed. 

White is a difficult color to keep clean, so you’re most likely the type of person who enjoys cleanliness and making a statement.

You’re also known to enjoy social situations and group events. 


If you love life and crave adventure then you may naturally gravitate towards red cars. Red also shows off the speed and power that comes with driving a flashy sports car.

Often associated with aggression, this color is more common on powerful vehicles with high amounts of horsepower. 


Blue cars are the most popular color vehicles worldwide. It’s more popular with men than women, but more women pick it than any other color available. 

If you drive a blue car then you may be serene, optimistic, and compassionate.  


Most people may not think there is a difference between these two colors. However, if you drive a grey car then you know the difference.

Grey cars are associated with caution, compromise, dignity, and maturity. You specifically avoid silver cars because you don’t want to stand out. 

Grey means that you are less interested in highs and lows and more interested in living a routine life. 

Silver car drivers, however, are thought to be practical and business-minded, with good taste. Since silver helps to hide dirt, it works with a busy lifestyle.

No matter what the color, there are new and used cars for sale in Phoenix, AZ that will match any personality.  

Choosing the Perfect Car For You

Certain car colors are statistically safer, and others are associated with a need for speed and horsepower. Other colors can mean sophistication and a love for technology.

Car colors can say a lot about your personality and preference as well as your lifestyle. 

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