Woman Winning a Free Car

Five years ago, the cost of a new car cost around $30,000. Now it’s more. 

But what if you could have a car for free with no strings attached? If you could get a free car without any car payment, without having to pay $30,000. 

That would save you a lot of money that you could instead use on a house, a vacation, paying off loans, or something else. 

If you want a free car, here are some methods that could help you get one in 2020. 

Free Car Programs

The government has free car programs designed to help low-income families. Sometimes the government, charities, or non-profit organizations provide free cars for those in need. 

You can take advantage of these programs if you are low-income or are elderly. There are no strings attached. All you have to do is call these programs in your area and see if you’re eligible. 

You should also consider looking into non-profit organizations and charities because they often help the needy with cars. You just have to do a quick search and see what programs they offer and perhaps you are eligible for. 

Churches and Dealerships

If you recently lost your job and are in need of a car, you can contact your local church and they might give you a car without any strings attached. 

However, you need to contact the local church and ask if they have any fundraisers or organizations that can help you find a car for free, giving your financial situation. 

In many cases, the church can also redirect you to organizations that can help you find a car. 

You also hear of families in need of a car and a dealership donates a car to them. A dealership doesn’t often give away brand new cars, but they will help out families by donating older cars. 

These are two unique ways of finding a car for free that can help you commute to your job, but also help you find ways to make ends meet. 


Another way to earn a free car is to enter into as many sweepstakes as possible. You can search online for free sweepstakes for a car in exchange for your contact information. 

If you’re unsure if sweepstakes are legitimate, you can also check out the qualities of a legitimate sweepstakes company. Look for a company with a developed website, local presence, and contest rules. 

Why You Deserve to Get a Free Car

Cars are expensive and the cost of living and supporting a family are also expensive. You deserve to get a free car as much as anybody. That’s why you should take advantage of these programs that offer free cars. 

Even if you’re unsure if you’re eligible, it doesn’t hurt to apply and reach out to these programs that can potentially earn you a free car. 

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