Mechanic Doing Engine Works on a Car

Have you recently purchased a new vehicle? Are you finding any problems with it, or do you suspect that not everything is as it should be under the hood?

If so, it may be time for you to take your car to the auto mechanic to get it checked out. Remember your car is often one of the most significant purchases you’ll make, second only to the purchase of your home. To ensure your car lasts for as long as possible, you need to get ahead of problems before they get any worse.

In this article, we’ll teach you five questions you need to ask your auto mechanic before you sign anything committing to using their mechanic service. The answers to these questions will give you a better idea of how your car works while also providing you with a good understanding of whether or not the mechanics you’re talking to know their stuff.

1. What Is This Car’s Maintenance Schedule?

Different manufacturers recommend different maintenance schedules for their different vehicles. Some higher-end cars that have higher-performance parts and that are more prone to failure may require more frequent, detailed maintenance schedules than economy cars with bulletproof reliability.

Either way, your mechanic should be able to look up your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to provide you with rough estimates as to what maintenance tasks need to be performed at varying stages. 

2. What Are the Common Failures on This Car?

No car is perfect when it rolls off the factory line. Many cars have specific issues that trouble them.

For instance, older BMW 3-series vehicles are known to be susceptible to overheating issues, causing head gasket leakage that can be fixed with fluorocarbon sealing. Ask your mechanic what parts are prone to failure on your car so you can go ahead and replace those parts as preventative maintenance.

3. Do You Use Only OEM Parts?

Some mechanics that have less than completely honest practices will install used and off-brand parts in order to increase their margins. Make sure that the mechanic you’re talking to uses only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts to ensure you get high-quality parts in your vehicle.

4. What Warranties Are Offered?

Many mechanics will offer warranties on the jobs that they do, especially if the job in question is a significant one, like an engine or transmission replacement. Ask your mechanic this question so you can understand their warranty policy.

5. How Long Do Common Repairs Take?

Last but not least, make sure to get a timeline on repair from your mechanics. Some cars are more difficult to work on and will thus require more time in the shop. But as a general rule, a mechanic should be able to give you a good idea of when the job on your car will be done.

Ask Your Auto Mechanic These Questions

Now that you know what questions you should ask your auto mechanic, you’re ready to find the right mechanic to service your vehicle’s problems!

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