Women on a Bachelorette Party

Did you know that the first bachelorette party got held during the mid-20th century? Share this fun fact at your upcoming event!

Are you wondering how to plan a bachelorette party? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over bachelorette party planning.

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Start Planning a Few Months in Advance

If you are a bridesmaid or maid of honor, invite the bride out for dinner or drinks. Ask her what kind of bachelorette party she would love. If you are the bride, visit your maid of honor and begin sharing ideas.

Figure out the time frame, theme, guest list, and party location. Does the bride want a surprise, or does she want to be part of the planning?

Will you cover the costs, or will you share the costs with the other bridesmaids? Give people enough notice if they need to ask for vacation time from work.

Gather all this critical information ahead of time. When you sit down with the planning committee, you will have all the details you need.

Send out the Invites Early

Start to settle in on the essential details. Will you stay at an Airbnb or hotel? Will you need to rent a vehicle or book plane tickets? You’ll want to let everyone know about the date for the bachelorette, so they have time to plan.

When you send out the invites, you can also touch base to see who could help out with planning. Send online or print invites. Include the location, date, and your email so they can reach out to ask questions.

Set Deadlines for Everyone

Book the flights, car rentals, and hotels right away. Ask for the money from those chipping in with costs. Set a deadline for the latest date that people can send money to you.

If they are booking on their own, give them a date to book by and check-in with them.

Decide on the Itinerary and Decorations

With the transportation, lodging, guest list, and location figured out, plan the activities. You can set aside time for hanging out, but make sure you pick a few fun activities.

If you pick a theme, start shopping around for matching decorations. You can go to party stores to pick up a variety of decorations for the party.

Double Check Attendance and Booking Details

As the date approaches, confirm all the bookings and reservations. Check over your information and confirm everyone’s attendance.

Go over the itinerary, write down a shopping list for food and drink. Ask the guests to bring one snack or drink, and don’t forget to pick up a few party favors.

If you want to rent transportation, look into a party bus rental.

Now You Know How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

We hope you found this guide on bachelorette party planning helpful. Now that you know how to plan a bachelorette party, it’s time to start planning the event!

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