When it comes to the world of offroading, there are a whole host of vehicle options for you to choose from. Right at the top of this list of options are ATVs and UTVs.

Knowing what options exist, however, is one thing. But picking the right option that suits your needs, the first time? That’s quite another task altogether.

In this article, we’ll help you pick the right offroad vehicle for your needs by presenting to you all the facts in the ATV vs UTV debate. We’ll look at both sides of the UTV vs ATV comparison so that you know which one is right for you.

Why an ATV Is Right for You

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle. An ATV has several distinctive styling characteristics.

The first is that an ATV has seating similar to that of a motorcycle. You can’t sit side by side. The driver sits in front and controls the handlebars that provide steering and throttle inputs to the vehicle. Any passenger will have to sit directly behind the driver. As a general rule, most ATVs can only accommodate one passenger, if any.

The second thing to consider is that an ATV will have larger wheels to be able to accommodate travel over rougher terrain. It’s also a typically smaller vehicle overall than the UTV. All of this translates into a reduction in cost.

So if you need to travel across super-harsh terrain and don’t care too much about being able to take passengers with you, then an ATV is probably the right choice for you. The affordable price tag also makes it the right option for the budget-friendly. 

Why a UTV Is Right for You

UTV stands for utility terrain vehicle. The UTV also has several distinctive styling traits that distinguish it from an ATV.

Firstly, the UTV will typically have four seats — two up front and two in the back. It is controlled with a steering wheel and pedals just like a normal car. The UTV also will typically have a roll cage on it to provide safety in case of a flip during an accident.

All of this means that the UTV is more cumbersome, larger, and costlier than an ATV. However, it is far more comfortable to drive and can accommodate up to four passengers with ease.

If the terrain that you will be traversing is not too harsh, and you need the ability to host passengers, then there’s no doubt that 4 seater UTVs are exactly what you’re looking for.

ATV vs UTV — Which One Are You Going With?

There you have it. Now that you know the details in the ATV vs UTV debate, you should be far better equipped to decide which offroad vehicle you’re going with. Let us know which one you choose in the comments below!

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