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In 1914, ABC Motors Ltd, found initially at Brooklands, Byfleet, moved to Waltonon-Thames and made chiefly war materials and bikes engines for the military until 1919, the year once the very first ABC motorcycle was made. The motorcycle had a transversemounted 398cc flat twin with chain drive, 4 speed gearbox, overhead valves, spring framework and a fork with automatic lubrication.
In the beginning, it was assembled along with the Sopwith Aviation Company, a business that used to build plane during the first World War. Following that, the business took over Bradshaw's creation, which, despite its layout, was thought to be the forerunner of the well known BMW boxer motorcycles.
The bike had lots of technical issues: the valve gear was the lubrication poor and also undependable. The bike's awful picture made the dream of selling tons of ABC's ending in 1921, when ABC Sopwith went into liquidation.
In 1920, the business experienced the bike production and another reorganisation centered around advancement of new designs and spare parts. From 1920 until 1924, since the initial English ABC evaporated, the ABC motorcycles were assembled under licence by a division, Rhone & Gnome. The French ABC built two bikes with engines that had 493cc and 348cc.
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