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Did you know that nearly 80% of your car can be recycled?

In fact, the entire automotive recycling industry is a $25 billion business which employs over 140,000 people in the US. When you sell your car for scrap metal to be taken to a junkyard, you are contributing to this entire industry.

But what are the most valuable parts on a car to scrap? And how can you make more money out of your old vehicle? These are interesting questions and we’ll try to find an answer in this article, so keep reading. You’ll discover what are the most valuable car components to sell and why.

What Are The Most Valuable Parts On a Car To Scrap?

As you probably already know, it would be a good idea to get rid of your current car if it is older than 10-15 years. That’s because this vehicle is not as energy efficient as possible and it will cost you more money to run and repair it than if you had a more modern vehicle.

But instead of selling your old car for scrap metal, try to sell the following components and make more money this way:

1. Batteries

A car battery can last for around 10 years. It’s an important component with lots of valuable materials inside. There are numerous stores which collect used car parts and are willing to buy your old battery for a decent sum of money.

You can also put an ad online and sell it to customers. Someone who might have a car similar to yours is probably looking for a battery in a good condition and you can collaborate with this customer. Best of all, a car battery is easy to remove, so it’s not like you’ll need complex tools or expert knowledge to do it.

2. Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is designed to reduce the toxic emissions of your car and make it more environmentally-friendly. This device is fitted to most vehicles and it’s one of the most valuable components of your car.

Why? Because it contains rare materials such as platinum, rhodium, palladium. These are very valuable metals which can be recycled and used with other purposes. You can sell the catalytic converter of your vehicle for around $100 or even $200, depending on its make, model, and condition.

3. Seats and Doors

There are a lot of people out there looking for a spare door or seat for their vehicle. A seat can get damaged with the passing of time and sometimes it’s simply better to replace it. Similarly, car doors can get damaged during minor accidents and the owner might simply decide to replace them.

If you have an old vehicle, you can remove the seats and doors and sell them as used car parts. Make sure that you remove them correctly using the right tools and without damaging them. Advertise these things online and someone will definitely call you for more details.

4. Aluminum Rims

Aluminum is another valuable metal. It can be recycled endlessly, but it’s pretty difficult and energy-consuming to make. This is what makes it valuable and your car’s rims might be made from aluminum. Make sure that you gently remove these rims from your tires and sell them to potential customers who appreciate the beauty of aluminum rims. 

For aluminum rims and similar car parts, you can shop here and find out ways to beautify your car and/or improve its performance.

5. Air Conditioning System

A car’s air conditioner is one of the most complex and valuable components. It’s also a highly required one because you don’t want to be in a car with a broken AC in the middle of the summer, do you?

The air conditioning system contains a lot of valuable parts such as the compressor. You can decide to sell it as a whole, as long as it’s in good condition. You might need to work with a professional mechanic to have it removed from your vehicle, but you can earn some decent cash by selling it as a car part.

6. Unused Air Bags

The airbag is also a vital car component, one which can make the difference between life and death. Most airbags actually consist of a small, pill-sized device which is programmed to inflate a bag instantly when a trigger is activated. The trigger can be a force pressing on the vehicle such as when you’re involved in a car accident.

If the airbags of your old vehicle are intact, you can sell them to other car owners. Replacing airbags and installing them in a professional auto shop can cost a lot of money, that’s why most car owners decide to buy them separately and install them on their own.

7. Wheels

The aluminum rims of your vehicle can be sold, but so do the wheels together with tires. As you probably already imagine, the wheels of a vehicle usually take a lot of stress while the car is operating. As a result, they can get damaged easily, especially the tires.

If the wheels of your old vehicle are in good condition, you should sell them for cash. These components can also be removed easily, so you don’t have to be a professional mechanic to take them off and sell them to customers.

8. Alternators

Your car’s alternator has a decent amount of copper inside it and this is what makes it valuable. You can easily remove the alternator from your vehicle and sell it to someone who is looking for one just like yours. Although selling this component won’t make you rich overnight, it will bring more than coffee money to your bank account.

Expand Your Automotive Knowledge!

These are some of the most valuable parts on a car to scrap. Now you know exactly what to do with your old vehicle if you want to make more money off of it. Depending on the model of your car and its condition, you can make several hundred bucks by selling these components separately.

For more interesting information about cars in general, check out our next article below!