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Dacia might be called an almost ideal car for thrillseeking drivers. Idealistically, dare-devils might have jumped in the chance to choose the old Dacia for a twist however the 1300 never became popular with racing enthusiasts.
However, the 1300 signifies just a chapter within the few-paged Dacia narrative. Dacia is really a Romanian car-maker that luckily didn't share precisely the same destiny for an Aro, another Romanian auto manufacturer. 
Its first version range comprised the somewhat hardy but aesthetically repulsive Dacia 1300 and several followups which were really marginally altered 1300's, for example the 1310,1400 and 1410. Even with the Dacian divine name, the automobile isn't completely Romanian, having been the consequence of the deal with Renault who supplied the knowledge and tooling.
Actually the first Dacia versions were firmly predicated in the Renault design 12. The vehicles that rolled-out the Colibasi factory's gates were inexpensive and dependable, their perhaps best advantage being interchangeability of components. 
Strangely even for the typical Romanian patriot, a great deal of Dacias were exported and rebadged. 
The moment these details leaked, many romanians would travel to Hungary to purchase their Dacias. 
In Addition, the ties between Renault and Dacia were burned down. Fortunately, this urged the Romanian maker to establish the first completely Romanian built design in 1996, the Nova, sporting a body that made it seem like running water in comparison with its predecessors.
In 1999, Renault and Dacia buried the hatchet and became a couple yet again. Morally improved by favorable reviews, Dacia shows an alternative for the Nova in 2000: the Supernova. This version had just the same appears as the Nova which suggests at the inferior disguise skills that should have been utilized prior to its launch.
However, creation of the Supernova was discontinued just three years later after the Solenza was launched. This brand-new version was an almost perfect replica of the Supernova. Somehow, the quite noticeable resemblances go undetected for a number of Romania's inhabitants.
Boasting generous bag, an increased ground clearance and passenger volume, the Logan becomes a success. Propelled by both an 1.5 8/16 valves turbocharged Diesel-engine or a 1.4/1.6 petrol one, the Logan registers the greatest revenue in most of Dacia's background. Soon after its release, the Logan MCV arrives accompanied by a 2008 facelift along with the discharge of the terrificly flat Sandero, a Logan divine hatchback.
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