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Hillman is really a British car marque made by the Hillman Motor-car Company, founded in 1907. The business was located in Rytonon-Dunsmore, near Coventry, England. Before 1907 the business had assembled bikes. Hillman was employed as the main marque of the Rootes Group from 1931, after its acquisition of Humber, until 1967, when Chrysler subsequently took over Rootes, even though the Hillman business was acquired by Humber in 1929. The marque continued to be utilized under Chrysler until 1976.
In 1869 the business changed its name to Coventry Machinists Company Ltd and enjoy a number of other makers within the place embarked on creating velocipedes. With prosperity came the ability to fulfil Hillman's next aspiration to be a car maker. Hillman had determined that a practical strategy would be to setup and went into Abingdon House in Stoke Aldermoor near Coventry an automobile factory in its reasons. They establishing the 24HP Hillman-Coatalen (named after its designer), that has been entered within that year's Tourist Trophy. The vehicle was released the race with a crash, however it had made a splash. Coatalen left in 1909 to join Sunbeam and also the business was reregistered as the Hillman Motor-car Organization in 1910.
The very first cars were big, having a 9.76-litre 6-cylinder engine or a 6.4litre four. The big seller was the sole version created until 1928, and the 14 hp launched in 1925.
After the style times a Straight-eight of 2.6 litres and Hillman's first utilization of overhead valves came in 1928 but quickly acquired a reputation for large ending issues.
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