Can you imagine the joy of flying in your own private helicopter, the world at your fingertips?

If you’re ready to live the jetsetter lifestyle, or if you need a helicopter for business, you’ve probably started researching what you need to know when buying a helicopter.

It’s a huge decision, so not something you want to rush into. Take your time, but once you find the perfect helicopter, you’ll love the freedom and fun it can bring.

To learn more, keep reading to find the top things to consider when buying a helicopter.

When Buying a Helicopter, Consider Your Budget

How much does it cost to buy a helicopter? If you purchase new, you’re looking at around $250,000-$1.7 million.

However, you can purchase helicopters on the secondhand market, which is a good way to get a like-new model for a fraction of the cost. When buying second hand, aircraft appraisals are the best way to make sure you’re paying a fair price for the helicopter.

In addition to the purchase fee, you’ll also need to budget for taxes, hangar and storage fees, fuel, regular maintenance, and a pilot, if you’re not flying yourself. Make sure all of these are within your yearly budget before purchasing.

Will You Fly Yourself or Hire a Pilot?

Are you a trained helicopter pilot? If so, then you won’t need to worry about hiring a pilot.

However, if you’re not, who will fly your helicopter for you? Be sure you can find someone reliable, dependable, and able to fly at short notice that you can hire as your pilot.

If you are flying yourself, many pilots prefer to purchase the same make and model of the helicopter that they were trained on, as they’re already familiar with the controls and operations.

Otherwise, your helicopter may spend most of its time sitting on the ground!

How Far Do You Want to Travel?

Where will you go with your new helicopter? Consider your distances, as different models have different ranges—make sure you select a model that suits your travel preferences.

Where Will You Store It?

Is there an airfield or helipad near you? You need to think about where you will store your helicopter when not in use. Before purchasing, research airports near you and look for one that offers convenience, is within your budget, and ideally has maintenance facilities on-site.

One of our top tips when it comes to how to buy a helicopter—speak with other owners in your area first! They can advise on the best tips and tricks when it comes to storage and maintenance, since they have firsthand experience.

Find Your Perfect Helicopter Today

If you’re ready to soar above the skyline, it’s time to find the ideal helicopter for your needs. Using the tips above, start researching tips for buying a helicopter in your area and consider whether you want to purchase new or preowned.

Helicopter ownership is a big investment, but it offers years of travel freedom, fun, and adventure. Get started today and start enjoying all the fun it can bring!

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