Chrome Emblem

5 million cars are sold across the United States every year. Many of these cars come from the most popular make/model pools, which means that when you buy a vehicle, chances are you’re picking up the same car that¬†thousands of other people are scooping up that day.

How does that make you feel? Like there’s nothing special about your taste?

If you’re starting to feel a little “blended in”, you’re going to love the idea of scooping up a chrome emblem for your vehicle.

Chrome emblems are adhesives that say anything you’d like them to, and stick onto vehicles, giving them a special look/street-facing message. If you’re not sure why a person would invest in a chrome emblem, keep reading!

Below, we break down why you probably need one.

Stand Out

We touched on this in our intro, but we’ll say it again; a chrome emblem enables you to stand out.

You know that feeling you get when you buy a car and then realize that every single person in your neighborhood has the same car? You can kiss that feeling goodbye when you put custom details onto your vehicle. You’ll make it unlike anything else someone can pick up from the lot.

Even from a pragmatic perspective, if you’re searching for your car in a parking lot where there are many similar models, an emblem helps you to quickly identify which vehicle is yours.

Create After-Market Buzz

When you go to sell a car, a chrome emblem that’s tasteful and well-placed may raise your car’s after-market value. That value hike is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but you never know!

And if you find that your emblem is hurting your car’s marketability, removing your emblem’s adhesive so you can toss it out is a breeze!

Pretend You Paid More for Your Car

Cars today have emblems built into them that sometimes distinguish between various “trims”. For example, a Tesla dual-motor car has an emblem that says “dual-motor” on the back.

If you bought a single-motor Tesla and wanted to pretend that you paid the extra ~$10,000 for a dual, you could find an emblem that says dual-motor and throw it on the back. Just like that, you’d be telling the world that you had a little more cash to invest in your vehicle than you actually did.

Emblems Are Easy to Use

Our favorite part about picking up a chrome car emblem is that you don’t need years of experience to throw one on! As a matter of fact, they’re about as easy to install as any chrome car decal or sticker.

Just peel off the adhesive protector, line your emblem up and press it to your car’s surface.

A Chrome Emblem Is Well Worth Its Low Investment

Adhesive car emblems are among our favorite car accessories, given the visual punch they bring, while being easy to use. With that in mind, our recommendation to you is that you pick up a chrome emblem today!

And if you’d like additional guidance on all things vehicles, we welcome you to explore more content on our blog.¬†