Did you know that road crashes are expected to become one of the leading causes of death in the United States?

Trucks can damage you and your vehicle at any point during your day-to-day life. If you’ve fallen victim to a truck accident in the past, you’ve likely dealt with some injury.

Most times, these injuries stem from a collision with a large vehicle. While truck accident injuries aren’t as severe as other automobile accidents, they can still cause significant damage.

What kind of injuries stem from a truck accident? Keep reading below to learn more.

Whiplash and Neck Pain

Common truck accident injuries include whiplash and neck pain. Whiplash is caused by an abrupt and forceful movement of the head and neck.

It is resulting in an aggressive stretching and tearing of the muscles and ligaments that support the channel. This can cause severe pain and long-term mobility issues.

Neck pain is another typical result of truck accidents. It is caused by the same type of force applied to the head and neck.

Due to this type of injury, individuals may experience acute pain, headaches, stiffness, decreased range of motion, and radiating pain in their shoulders and arms. These types of injuries can cause long-term pain, trauma, medical bills, and loss of income. It further adds to the detriment of those involved in a truck accident.

Back and Spine Injuries

Back and spine injuries are all too common in truck accidents. These injuries can range from bulging discs, sciatica, and whiplash to spinal cord injury.

Vertebral fractures and nerve damage are also expected from collisions involving larger vehicles. Back and spine injuries can be challenging to diagnose and treat due to their complex nature.

Early medical attention and treatment are crucial to cut discomfort and ensure proper healing. While some back and spine injuries are mild and can heal with time, more severe injuries may need physical therapy, injections, and in some cases, surgery.

Improperly treated back and spine injuries can cause lifelong disability. Obtaining quality medical attention is the key to a successful recovery.

Head and Brain Trauma

Head and brain injuries are far too familiar when discussing common truck accident injuries. It will lead to severe and lasting consequences.

These injuries occur when a person’s head is violently thrown from side to side, such as in a truck crash. Typical head and brain trauma symptoms include loss of consciousness, punctures, bruises, and fractures in the skull, increased confusion, slurred speech, decreased attention span, seizures, and even coma or death in severe cases.

These injuries are preventable, and awareness is critical. Wearing appropriate gear, keeping a safe distance, following traffic laws, and ensuring the proper emittance and maintenance of the truck can reduce head and brain injuries in truck accidents.


Truck accident injuries are often extensive and can include severe fractures. Fractures can occur in the arms, legs, ribs, and feet and can vary in severity from a simple crack to a complete break.

These injuries can be excruciating and may take some time to heal. The most common fractures from truck accidents are in the leg and arm bones.

In extreme cases, surgery may be needed, causing a hospital stay and extended recovery time. Fractures in the chest and head can also be very dangerous and need intensive monitoring.

It is essential to seek medical attention after being injured in an accident. This is because fractures can be challenging to detect and lead to severe, long-term health issues.

Cuts and Bruises

Cuts and bruises are some of the most common truck accident injuries. When a truck accident help involves a smaller vehicle, such as a car, the smaller vehicle’s occupants can suffer cuts and bruises.

It is due to flying debris, such as broken glass, when the truck’s windscreen shatters. These cuts and scrapes can range in severity. Although they may not seem serious, getting the necessary medical attention for the trauma can help reduce swelling, encourage healing, and avoid potential infections.

Cuts and bruises can leave behind permanent scarring. It can also cause psychological distress and emotional trauma.


Burns are a common truck accident resulting from the release of hazardous materials, such as diesel and oil, or from a vehicle fire due to an accident. These tend to be especially severe if the driver is in direct contact with the fire or hazardous chemicals.

Common burn injuries are suffered by truckers. It includes thermal burns from fire, electrical burns from damaged equipment, and chemical burns from leaked dangerous materials. Burns can range from mild to severe depending on the type of burn, length of exposure, and heat intensity.

Severe burns can lead to severe pain, disfigurement, permanent disability, and even death. Treatment of burn injuries involves antibiotics to prevent infection, pain relievers, and skin grafts.

Prompt medical attention and proper legal services can be critical. It is when seeking compensation for damages caused by truck accidents.

Wrongful Death

Truck accident injuries can cause various physical and emotional harm, including wrongful death. Wrongful death is the most severe potential outcome of a truck accident, as it can involve a loss of life. Common injuries caused by truck accidents include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and damage to internal organs.

These can cause long-term physical, emotional, financial, and psychological effects. Severe truck accident injuries may also involve amputations of limbs, facial disfigurement, or the inability to care for oneself.

Wrongful death resulting from a truck accident can be devastating, not only for the victim’s family but for the entire community as well. It can also lead to large legal expenses.

Truck accident injuries can be life-changing and, unfortunately, in some cases, fatal. So, truck drivers and others in the industry must use extreme caution when operating large vehicles. Make sure to find a truck accident lawyer to seek help and assistance.

Avoid Truck Accident Injuries Now

Truck accident injuries are much more severe than car or bus transport accidents due to the size and force of large trucks. Common injuries from truck collisions include head and neck trauma, spinal cord damage, and broken bones.

Trucks are integral to our economy, so staying safe and alert on highways and streets is essential. Hiring a lawyer today if you need legal advice after an incident.

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