With the exception of the Aultman & Taylor Company in Mansfield, the close of the Aultman Engine and Thresher Company appeared the final phase within the annals of Cornelius Aultman's onceproud business. But early in 1907, a few longtime Aultman workers, Martin J. Hogan and J.A. Houser, provided one last gasp.
Hogan was the former general plant superintendent and Houser was former head of the transport and fix sections; they shaped the Equipment and Motor Business. Only repair parts were manufactured by the firm for many designs of Aultman threshing engines and machines. It ran until 1925 and closed due to waning demand.
Meanwhile, the Taylor Machinery Company & Aultman in Mansfield continued on. In 1910, the business introduced a petrol-powered tractor named the Aultman-Taylor 30 60. This enormous tractor, with its round tubular radiator, was really an amazing device. Driven by a 4-cylinder motor of 7-inch bore and 9-inch stroke, it weighed over 12 tons and, based on Nebraska check No. 30, could create 80 hp to the belt and 58 to the drawbar when burning gas.
Unfortunately, the need for huge tractors was decreasing, and from the depression of the early 1920s, Taylor & Aultman also had fallen on hard times. In 1924, AdvanceRumely Thresher Co. of La Porte, Ind., bought the business, and in 1931, AdvanceRumely was bought by AllisChalmers.
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