Avions Voisin

We got our first up-close and personal look at an Avions Voisin, and fell in love, while attending the Bonhams and Butterfields auction in the Quail Lodge Resort and Club in Carmel, California last month.
There were seven instances of the marque being provided from the "M" Group, plus a duplicate according to a 1936 Voisin C28 which was constructed to play a crucial part in the 2004 film, Sahara, starring Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz.
The Avoins Voisin marque was the introduction of the Frenchman Gabriel Voisin. Gabriel's first love was flying, and it is identified in French aviation history books along with his aeroplanes. It's written the first recorded armed airborne victory of WWI happened on Oct 5, 1914, when a French aviator flying a Voisin 3 downed a German Aviatik B.1.
Following the war Voisin phased himself out-of aviation and considered the design and fabrication of motor-cars in his own factory beyond Paris. By 1919, Gabriel was employing the understanding of lightweight construction and aerodynamics he'd learned from air travel to road vehicles, and always attempted to improve on each string he began in his two decades of creation.
The first Avions Voisin was a C1 and each succeeding show started with the letter C for a reference to his brother Charles who perished in an automobile crash. The C1 was adopted in creation by the C3, having a highcompression engine creating around 140-hp. Voisin offered a reward of 500,000 francs to anybody who might create an engine of the same dimensions that matched the Voisin's effectiveness and operation, and never needed to spend because nobody used the process.
Other versions followed, for instance, fourcylinder C4, the car that beat the Orient-express from Paris to Milan, and also the sixcylinder C11, the absolute most commercially successful of Voisin's cars. He built three vehicles propelled by his V12L engine, an inline-12 which was two straightsixes coupled end to end. As an innovative French luxury auto driven by a motor that had a stylized bird with erect wings on each radiator grille the Avions Voisin was known. This marque was marketed as "Chauffeur Limousines chosen by the elite since there's nothing better, chosen by sportsmen since there's nothing faster, chosen by women since there's nothing more amazing."
No better declaration of the regard in which Gabriel's autos were held came from the truth a number of Voisins sat at the Elysees Palace in Paris for Presidential use. One of the wide-ranging clientele who purchased his autos were H.M. Alexandre 1st King of the Serbians, Croates and Slovaques, the Sultan of Morocco, the President of Argentina, Princess Helen of Greece, and H.R.H. the Prince of Thailand - all modestly called "A Few Voisin Customers"!
The luxury-car market plummeted with the beginning of WORLD War 2, and in 1939 the Voisin factory finished its creation and was changed to assist the war effort. Only 10,000 Avions Voisins were created and there's only 200 know to remain. The business name might be revived by Portuguese Design Studio, LusoMotors. They are developing the Voisin Notion which really is really a powerful sports-car inspired by the Avions Voisin French brand - the Bugatti Veyron might be receiving some conclusion with this particular one.
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