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The creator and proprietor of the Borgward team in Bremen, Federal Republic of Germany was Doctor. (Eng.) Carl F.W. Borgward. Injured in World War 1, he came back and purchased a share in a little manufacturing company, which he later took over entirely. He turned the business into an automotive part maker, creating fenders and radiators.
This vehicle was fairly successful, and resulted in the improved Goliath light commercials. The growing company compelled Borgward to go several times to bigger premises, and in 1929 he created his great coup, purchasing shares of the sickly HansaLloyd business for a fragment of the value, effectively taking charge of the business. Borgward merged it with Goliath in 1930 and after purchased the business entirely.
In 1931 the first Goliath passenger car, the threewheeled Pionier, was created, and some 4000 were offered. By 1934 Borgward had produced the Hansa 1100 and 1700, which were appealing, well-enginered automobiles that reestablished that marque. Creation of HansaLloyd trucks and Goliath continued successfully.
Through the 2nd World War, Borgward was compelled to construct military vehicles. 
With the majority of his own factories destroyed in Allied bombing raids, Borward had to start again following the War. His first postwar vehicle was likewise the first allnew German car, the Borgward Hansa 1500, introduced at the conclusion of 1949. He'd reestablished his business and designed this car in the age of 58 - an age where many now consider individuals to become not effective! The vehicle was assembled on the central tube chassis and had swingaxle independent rear suspension.
In 1950 two new vehicles appeared in the Borgward Group, both with frontwheel - drive and twostroke motors.
These were the miniature Lloyd with a 293 c.c. motor and leatherettecovered plywood body, and the bigger Goliath, with a 688 c.c. engine.
In 1952 the Borgward Hansa 1800 came in the market, adopted in 1953 with a diesel-engined Hansa.
In June 1954 an entirely new Hansa 1500 with unitary structure was launched, and was shortly renamed the Isabella. A particular version of the Isabella was the Coupj, frequently observed as Borgwardgs most refined style. 
In January 1957 the Goliath 700 and 900 versions were replaced by the allnew 1100 c.c. flat-four, 4-stroke engined vehicles with a sinilar body with their predecessors. The title was changed to Hansa in 1958, to escape from the picture.
Lloyds also developed further, into metal bodied cars with 600 c.c. fourstroke motors. 1959 observed a brand new Lloyd, the Arabella, with a 900 c.c. flat-four simlar to this in the Hansa 1100. These vehicles were greatly respected for their extremely attractive styling.
This vehicle had a different composition of air suspension, prior to the same program was launched by Mercedes-benz. Unfortunately just 2547 instances of the car were assembled prior to the close of the Borgward Group.
The ending of the Borgward Group is a tale. The Authorities of the state-of Bremen (where Borgwards were assembled) maintained that Borgward was insolvent,and then efficiently compulsorily acquired the business. Then they sidestepped all schemes that might have saved the business, selling-up the assets and getting the vehicles from manufacturing. Borgward expired a shattered man in 1963. There was some evidence which other car-makers were concerned within the scheme to ruin Borgward, but the complete truth hasn't yet been revealed.
Several Mexican businessmen purchased the rights and machines for the Borgward vehicles and had full goals of restarting the creation in Mexico. 
Now the former Borgward plant at Sebaldsbr'ck, Bremen is possessed by Mercedes-benz.
There are Borgward Clubs in South Africa), Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, UK, Germany (3 clubs along with the United States (2 clubs), the majority of which are considerably bigger than our Borgward Register in Australia. Each one is committed to preserving the different automobiles assembled from the Borgward Group, and in doing this they maintain the memory of Carl F.W. Borgward, among the most innovative and individualistic of auto builders. The preservation of Borgward cars also functions as a demonstration against the tremendous injustice which was carried out to Dr. Borgward and his businesses.
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