The Budd Company was once a maker of stainless steel passenger railroad cars during the twentieth century, and is really a metal fabricator and important provider of body parts for the car industry.
The organization's headquarters are in Troy, MI, Usa. 
An automotive pioneer
In 1916, Budd built among the very first steel auto bodies, for Dodge. The Budd Company also produced the first "safety" twopiece truck wheel, used commonly in WWII, as well as built truck freight bodies for the U.S. military.
In 1940, Budd worked with Nash Motors to the development and creation of North America's first massproduced "unibody" passenger automobile, the Nash 600. 
A railway legend
The Budd logo to the contractor's plate in a Metro-north M-3 railcar.
In the 1930s until 1987, the Budd Company was a leading maker of metal streamlined passenger rolling stock for several of railroads. In 1949, Budd built ten prototype stainless steel R11 metro cars for the Ny Board of Transportation; they were meant for the Second Avenue Subway. Budd also constructed 2-story gallery passenger cars for Chicagoarea commuter service to the Milwaukee Road, Burlington Route, and Rock Island lines through the 60's and 70s; most of the cars remain in service on today's Metra routes. Stainless Budd cars originally assembled for the Canadian Pacific Railway's 1955 train The Canadian remain operating with Via Rail Canada. Budd-patented procedures and styles were also found in France and Belgium after WWII to assemble SNCF electricpowered multipleunit cars, pushpull suburban trainsets, WagonsLits sleeping cars and even a little category of SNCF and SNCB fourcurrent sixaxle high speed electric locomotives for Trans Europ Express service between Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. In Japan Tokyu Car Corporation became the licensee of the Budd procedure and produced the Stainless steel commuter cars like Chain 7000 of Tokyu line. Budd also issued a license to Commonwealth Engineering in Sydney Australia where Budds metal technology was utilized between the late 50's and 1988 to construct many different projects including the famed Monocoque self lead Gosford Double Decker Interurban regarded by many people to really be among the worlds most innovative double decker layout. Budds extensive research to using Metal in construction methodology and rail carriage design continues today in companies like Bay Rail. A whole history of Budds sway in Australia is detailed in John Dunns pair of publications titled "A History of Commonwealth Engineering" for sale in year groups from 1921.
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